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The Importance of Content in Your Sales/Marketing Funnel

Content is the most important part of your sales/marketing funnel, because it is the central driving force. Without content, no other piece of the puzzle will fit!

At each stage of your sales funnel, your content must adapt, because each stage requires you to target your audience in different ways.

The top of your sales funnel is for brand awareness, the middle of your funnel is for consideration, and the bottom of your funnel is for conversion.

Making sure that your content strategy is specific to each part of the funnel is essential if you want your sales funnel to have that million $$$ potential and drive customers through to conversion.

Top of the Funnel

At the top of your sales funnel, your goal is to increase brand awareness – your content must show how your brand can benefit consumers.

The key is to show the benefits of your brand without pitching your product or service in an aggressive and salesy way.

The best type of content to use in the top of your sales funnel includes blog posts, webinars, videos, email newsletters, and comprehensive guides. This content can provide information about your company and show consumers what you have to offer.

Middle of the Funnel

In the middle of your sales funnel, you are at the consideration stage.

In this stage, you are past the point of trying to increase general awareness of your brand. and you will be creating content for a more targeted audience of potential customers. This is when you will want your content to be more focused and more knowledge-based.

Show why your product will provide significant value to your customers once they have purchased.

The best content to use in the middle of your sales funnel will be case studies, demo videos, data sheets, and product descriptions. The middle of the funnel is where the proof lies! This is the content that will lead your potential customers through to conversion.

Bottom of the Funnel

The bottom of the funnel is the conversion stage where your customers are about to click the purchase button.

At this stage, your content should provide that last nudge to ensure you make the sale.

The best content to use in the bottom of your sales funnel will be client testimonials, reviews, and a streamlined sales process that is easy to follow from point A to point B.

If your customers can read your content and see that previous customers were happy with your product, they will be confident in the purchase they are about to make.

The Million $$$ Difference

With the right content strategy in place at each stage of your sales funnel, customers will get a clear message that allows them to follow the process and flow through the funnel effortlessly.

While your website design, targeted advertising, emails, etc. are important, none of these will function without the proper content in place. Your content is the heart of the entire operation, so it is worth taking the time to get right.

Having a sales funnel in place with great content is the million $$$ difference in a profitable business. My sales funnel is ultimately what helped me get to where I am today!

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