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My ACCELERATED Agency ROI Program for VIPs, Including $10,000 Worth Of Courses & Systems, Including My Done-For-You Tech Bundle, Secret Copy Script, Viral Video Ads, IG Growth Hacks, 1-On-1 VIP Coaching and More to Generate MASSIVE ROIs for Your Clients and Demand High Retainers, All for 97% OFF!
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Because you just got my R.A.P.I.D. program, I want to reward you with a VIP upgrade reserved exclusively for my VIP clients. As a growing agency, you need to build a track record of success with your clients — and you can’t do that unless you’re actually delivering real RESULTS and real VALUE to your clients…

The good news is, it doesn’t take long to learn all the services and strategies you’ll be selling to your clients. As soon as you do, you’ll see how easy it is to attract clients who are HAPPY to pay you four or five-figure retainers every month! So I’ve bundled ALL the training and knowledge you need into an Agency Accelerator Package, an easy way to learn and apply everything immediately.

This upgrade will give you INSTANT ACCESS to my…

  • 10 to 1000 Sales Course ($999 value)
  • 10 Messenger Bot Pre-Built Funnel Flows ($999 value)
  • Top 20 High-Converting FB Ads ($1,499 value)
  • Tech Done-For-You Bundle ($499 value)
  • Secret Copywriting Script for High-Converting Sales ($399 value)
  • Online Video Ad Mastery ($499 value)
  • IG 10k Growth Course ($299 value)
  • A 60-minute coaching strategy call with an ROIM Elite Marketer ($499 value)

And the best part worth over $10,000 alone…

You’ll receive individual R.A.P.I.D. Agency Certifications for completing all the courses and trainings in the Accelerator Package! I will personally certify you as an EXPERT in Facebook marketing, messenger bots, Instagram, copywriting, and video marketing so you can STAND OUT from the competition and charge even more for your advanced expertise!

Clients will identify YOU as a certified R.A.P.I.D. agency owner who completed advanced digital marketing training with world-famous media buyer and Facebook ads expert, Rudy Mawer!

This is everything you need to ACCELERATE your results as an agency and GROW TO 7 FIGURES (or more!) even FASTER, a limited time opportunity to literally swipe all my business processes and implement them within DAYS!

Check out what type of results people have been getting by using these very same systems!

I’ve spent years creating these and many months testing and optimizing each step. I’ve spent thousands just on testing and finally figured out the formulas that work. This bundle has a combined value of over $10,000 but I’m giving it away at a fraction of that to all my R.A.P.I.D. program students!

Key Benefits (that can generate results in as little as a few days!):

Create a lead magnet and opt-in FAST.
Find out how to capture hundreds of emails and qualified leads a day using my proven blueprints.
Set up your own high-converting sales page.
The core of your funnel is now super easy to create using my 10-point checklist.
Build the right funnels that generate revenue virtually on autopilot!
You’ll learn exactly how to build these funnels so they convert and keep generating $$$ for you.
Scale up quickly and easily.
All of my systems are designed to scale, and scale FAST. You’ll save thousands of hours trying to figure it all out for yourself so you can focus on massive growth.
Easy-to-implement systems.
You could spend weeks at training events, workshops, and seminars just trying to learn these specialized areas of creating an agency or designing funnels. I’ve mapped out every system you’ll ever need.

The R.A.P.I.D. program gives you everything you need to start your social media marketing agency…but if you really want to drive sales and reach 7-figures quickly, you need to know how to build high-converting funnels for your clients FAST. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about how to do that — what ads work, how to write great copy, how to build a following on IG, and what it takes to create viral videos.

I’ve bundled everything together to make things 10x easier for you. And the best part is, I use the very SAME systems for clients in my own agency.

When I realized I had developed something that virtually any entrepreneur can use, I created this VIP Accelerator Package. All you really have to do is just copy and paste, modify with the client’s details, and you have a PROVEN revenue-generating funnel at your fingertips. It’s THAT easy!

Now this part is very important…

This VIP UPGRADE is ONLY for those who are serious about delivering amazing ROIs for their clients and building their agency to 7-figures FAST.

If you want to take your time, reading books, watching YouTube videos, paying extra money for courses, and hoping you pick up something valuable along the way, this probably isn’t for you.

But if you’re ready to impress clients with HIGH-CONVERTING funnels that can generate thousands of dollars in revenue, without you having to spend a fortune or weeks of production time setting everything up, you won’t want to miss this…

Priority Pass For New Clients / Leads

By becoming a VIP Priority Pass member, you will get first ‘dibs’ and priority when I have new ‘big-dog’ clients ready to sign up and pay but aren’t a fit for my agency or what we charge. These are all the $3000 and $5000 a month clients that I turn down (occasionally there are also $7000 and $10,000 too!), which is around $100,000 a WEEK in business you can be sweeping up!

By becoming a VIP Member, you will also be far more certified in the actual delivery of ROI focused marketing and Facebook ads to these higher end, ‘big dog’ clients (with all the courses you get below) so I will also be happier to recommend you, over someone who has just took my agency course.

With the Priority Pass, you will also get emailed first, before everyone else who’s on my R.A.P.I.D list and can sweep up those clients worth tens of thousands of dollars. Remember, just ONE extra client from this Priority Pass is worth over $10,000 on average (based on 3-4 month retainer!)

$5,000+ Value
10 to 1000 Sales

I offer this very service at my agency and clients have been thrilled by the results of our high-converting funnels. I break down every step of the funnels we build at my 7-figure agency, my own methods of developing a steady stream of clients that are ready to hand over $$ for the value you provide.

If you want a shortcut to building funnels for your clients, use my systems to generate AMAZING results, virtually on autopilot! I reveal everything inside this top-selling course!

$999 Value
10 Messenger Bot Pre-Built Funnel Flows
Now you’ll get 10 Messenger Bot funnel flows already made for you. Just copy, paste and edit to sell your client’s product or service in an engaging way! I’ve mapped out all the flows you need for virtually any product, program, or service.
My team uses funnel flows exactly like these for our clients and you can use them as often as you like!
You’ll also receive R.A.P.I.D. Agency Messenger Bot Certification upon completion of this course.
$999 Value
Top 20 High-Converting FB Ads

Creating Facebook ads that convert can be tricky, especially for some of your high-value clients. Find out what actually works on Facebook so you can start running ads that people are clicking and engaging with in no time.

I’ll give you 20 Facebook ad ideas and templates you can implement for your clients immediately, the same types of ads that personally made me over $1M! Just copy and paste them over, edit with your clients’ products and services, and watch as fresh Facebook traffic starts streaming in!

PLUS, you’ll receive R.A.P.I.D. Agency Facebook Ad Certification upon completion of this course.
$1,499 Value
Tech Done-For-You Bundle

Turn ANY funnel into a full-fledged sales system without any tech or coding experience. All of my videos and course materials show you how to bring a funnel to life quickly — without hiring a website or developer.

You’ll learn exactly how to create funnels like mine, link your hosting, domain and Facebook pixel, and get everything set up to go LIVE fast. You’ll save thousands of dollars a month with this course alone!

PLUS, you'll receive R.A.P.I.D. Funnel Building Master Certification upon completion of this course.
$499 Value
Secret Copywriting Script for
High-Converting Sales

I typically charge $5,000 to write a sales page. I know top conversion copywriters that charge $10k, even $20k just for ONE page of copy! The copy on your page will make or break the sale so this part of your funnel MUST be conversion-focused and optimized for sales.

I’ve created a sales copywriting script that will convert like crazy, saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars in copywriting fees, while generating MASSIVE sales for your clients!

You'll also receive R.A.P.I.D. Agency Sales Copywriting Certification upon completion of this module.
$399 Value
Online Video Ad Mastery

Don’t make another video ad until you see this! You’ll learn all the components of video marketing that really matter. I’ll show you how to make video ads for your clients generate huge amounts of traffic on social media with little effort!

You’ll discover the key to making video ads that CONVERT and engage your target audience — no fancy video equipment required! Video is the future of marketing and now your agency will have an unfair advantage・with all of your video ads!

You'll also receive R.A.P.I.D. Agency Video Ad Certification upon completion of this course.
$499 Value
IG 10k Growth Course

Find out exactly how I grew my Instagram following into the millions — on more than just one account! I’ll show you how to ‘hack’ Instagram to generate thousands of followers for your clients (or yourself!) and build your online presence quickly…and you’ll do it all without breaking any IG rules!

Everything I show you in here is easy to implement right away and you’ll start seeing your follower count go up in just days.

Plus, you'll also earn R.A.P.I.D. Agency Instagram Marketing Certification for completing this course.
$299 Value
60-minute Elite Marketer
Coaching Strategy Call

Hop on a call with one of my Elite Marketers to discuss strategy or tackle a problem you’re having with your funnels. Our team of experts is here to guide and coach you through virtually any challenge, give advice on running your agency, how to get more clients, or tackle any other problem you池e having. This call is tailored for you based on your goals and is worth over $499 alone!

$499 Value
Ready to Generate Massive ROIs for Your Clients and Demand Higher Retainers with This VIP Upgrade, Only Available On This Page?

This VIP Upgrade of the 10 to 1000 Sales course, Messenger Bot premade flows, Viral Video course, Tech Bundle, Copywriting Script and Elite Marketer Coaching call is worth a crazy $10,000+.

But your success is my #1 priority and I know that this, combined with the R.A.P.I.D. program, will EASILY grow your business to the 7-figure+ level.

And instead of charging you $10,000, like I do with many of my agency clients, who are happy to pay that much because of the immense value they get (and amazing ROI), I’ll offering this complete package for only $299! That’s over 97% off the total value of all my courses and coaching call, there’s literally NOTHING like this out there!

No thank you. I understand this is a one-time upgrade offer to become a VIP action taker and realize I will be missing out on a massive 97% discount. I understand that when I click decline, I will never see this offer again and it will cost me $10K+ to get all of this separately. I will pass on this amazing special offer forever.
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