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How I Scaled From 0 to Multiple Millions in 2 Years (Step-by-Step Guide)

On a weekly basis people ask for an overview of “how I did it”.

By this, I mean many of my friends and network asking how I hit the infamous multi-million $ level by 26 years old!

More often than not, they are hoping for a secret answer to replace hard work, hours of toil, stress and the risks that it actually takes to build a successful business and brand.

Sadly, that doesn’t exist; however, my strategies with Facebook Advertising and my other marketing strategies probably come as close to real-life magic as you get, helping myself and thousands of others quickly transform their revenue, business and life.

In this case study-based article I’ll give you an overview of my strategies, funnels and plan, which allowed me to basically go from online coaching / 1:1 consulting earning $5000 per month to $50,000 per month, while actually working less (crazy I know, but bear with me).

Most importantly, I’m going to teach you how to get started and do it yourself, in this step-by-step guide…

Step 1: Content, Content, Content

Once this fundamental is in place (knowledge, qualifications etc.) the next important part is building FREE content (yes I said FREE).

Free content plays a pinnacle role in this whole system, building a business and a loyal following. While the sound of giving your hard-earned knowledge away for free may make you want to cry (don’t worry, I was in your shoes once and felt the same), free content is actually going to be the backbone of your business.

If you stop for a minute and look around Facebook, you will actually see that many of the top experts do give away a crazy amount of FREE content. Nowadays, I give away more free content than ever before. After all, free content helps you build an audience that trusts you and your work. It builds a loyal following that, if you give enough valuable content out, will feel indebted to you.

Chances are you’ve already got some content collected and if you love what you do (which you must), writing more free content shouldn’t be too hard. The biggest thing stopping trainers writing a ton of free content is the fact they spend 5 hours on an article for 10 – 20 people to read it.

However, fear not, as that’s all about to change and soon, 1000s, if not 100,000s, will be enjoying your content!

Before creating new content, it’s always important to decide what type of content you will provide. While it’s easy to write random content at first, from now on in we must focus on content specific to your brand, niche, audience and products.

For example, if you are already or plan to become established as an authority of muscle building, focus mainly on muscle building content.

If you are known as a supplement expert, a fat loss expert, a strength / powerlifting expert, make it relevant and specific to that niche.

This is how I started, with 20 in-depth blog posts, that literally gave the reader a TON of information. In fact, many of them could have been PAID articles, or required the user to download them in an ebook etc.

Step 2: Build A Lower Ticket But Exceptional Product

If you already think I’m crazy the next part is going to make you quit and never come back.

After the free content, your next job is to develop a sellable product which will form the main and fundamental product.

This product is going to be the entry point for all your customers, it must be high quality and again, go above and beyond.

The specific product must be tailored to your niche and can include anything that adds terrific value, solves a problem and makes the customer buy into you even more. The main rule is that it is fully automated, in other words, it doesn’t require any action from you once it’s been built. Remember, we will be selling 1000s of these.

Here are a few examples:

– 6 Week Workout Plan

– Meal Plans

– 4 Week Plan To Achieve XXXXX  (In Any Niche)

– Video Series

This content should be fairly easily to  implement and use, as you want the consumers to actually implement (and see success from) the plan/product, further building a relationship and making you even more awesome.

Pricewise, you want this to be an easy access product, from $9 – $49, which can be purchased without the major consideration a $500 product would require. This is important, as it allows you to convert newer audiences and generate sales from ‘hooks’ in blog posts, on the website and email follow-ups etc.

Remember, we ALWAYS go the extra mile here at ROI Machines. For this reason, I want you to develop a product worth double, triple or even 4x the actual value.

Step 3: Start Advertising On Facebook

Once these fundamentals are in place, (along with a website, Facebook page etc.), it’s time to get the machine rolling with Facebook Adverts.

Right now, you’ve got the bare minimum in place to start driving traffic, building a brand and, of course, making money or at the very least, covering the costs of turbocharging your brand 5 years in 5 weeks.

As I’ll often discuss, the beauty of Facebook is you can run adverts from around $5-10 per day, giving you an incredible ability to test, test, test and then test some more. This is extremely important, as you will be able to test the 10 blog posts (or however many) you’ve made and see which convert best.

Once you’ve established the best 2-5 blog posts, you can continue to boost this, expanding to new audiences and quickly generating thousands of new fans and building a YELLOW or warm audience.

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Step 4: Monetize Your Back End

Once you’ve got your lower ticket front end dialed in, it’s time to monetize the back end.

The back end, i.e., the post purchase is where ALL your money is made and is what will allow you to spend more on the front end, out bidding your competition!

Realistically, you won’t make much money from the low ticket products, they are just a means of customer acquisition and way to quickly grow your brand while influencing and helping people.

So, to do this effectively, you need two key products…

1. Some form of high ticket coaching or mastermind

2. Some form of reoccurring revenue, such as auto ship, monthly memberships, etc.

Once these are in place, you can start to work out a critical number, your LTV (Life Time Customer Value).

Once you know this, you can spend and make WAY more money on the front end, scaling much faster and making more net profit.

Step 5: Grow, Grow, Grow

Once you’ve developed this system you are basically getting FREE advertising and traffic, FOREVER.

This is what makes my marketing strategy and the process I teach in the Facebook Mastery course so unique. It builds a system where you self-fund the marketing, allowing you to grow and expand like a million dollar company.

Imagine the growth and potential for your business everyday if you could spend unlimited amounts of advertising… the world truly becomes your oyster.

From here, you can literally grow a business (as I did) in less than 2 years:

  • 1 million consistent blog views per month (which continues to grow)
  • 1,000,000 new genuine and highly relevant Facebook fans
  • 150,000 highly relevant and genuine emails
  • 60,000 members in my Facebook group (in just 4 weeks)
  • 100,000 + members on my programs
  • $400,000 revenue per month, which continue to grows.

As you can see, these methods have achieved more in 6 months than most small service-based businesses or personal trainers will achieve in 10, 20 or even 30 years.

Best of all, I did most of this while traveling the world or sitting by a beach/pool and now, it’s all on autopilot, allowing me to build and grow other aspects of my businesses.

Step 5: Want To Learn More, Turning Your Dream into a Reality?

Whether you are in this to help more people, build an empire, become world renowned, support your family or make money (hopefully a combo of them all) it can truly become a reality by following a proven system like this.

I too put it off for years, thinking it would never be possible and look what happened after 6 months when I took the plunge… Think I’m kicking myself for not doing it 3-4 years ago? Yep.

However, back then I did not have or know of a marketing expert with a proven system to follow, lucky for you, you now do…

If you are a ‘doer’ or a go-getter and want to take action right now to build a life-changing (for both you and all the thousands of people you will help)  business, then spend some time reading my articles, check out my testimonials (I get it, there are some BIG promises and statements in this article, so don’t just take my word for it) and get started today.

If you are ready to take the first step, you can start with my 10 Weeks to 1000 sales course. As you now know, this is going to provide incredible value at a very low cost, after all, I just taught you my system 😉

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Bonus:  The Foundations

Now I’ve broken down the juicy money-making strategies I want to be perfectly clear that this only worked so well because I had the foundations in place.

In other words, I had spent the years training 100s of clients in gyms, working 6am till 11pm (yes, 17 hour days), spending thousands of hours reading articles, books, journals, traveling the world to learn from experts etc. You name it, I did it, I cared about my own professional development more than anyone.

Most importantly, I stuck to it with the long-term goal in mind, working hard for several years before I started to see any sort of decent ROI for my time or efforts, when 90% of trainers would have quit, gone out on a Friday night etc, I didn’t, I kept going.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I don’t want to fool a brand new trainer that they can achieve the same level of success as I have. Don’t get me wrong, you can still do VERY well, in context to your knowledge and experience; however, part of the reason I achieved what I have is I can also provide outstanding and cutting edge content, combining 7 years of experience with a masters degree, research in the lab and experience while collaborating with many of the world’s top experts.

In other words, don’t try to sell “a world-leading program” or pretend to be an expert when you’ve been training for 1 year. Additionally, you may be on the cover of men’s health or a sponsored athlete but understand this doesn’t mean you can influence, help or coach 1000s of others to achieve your physique. While you must practice what you preach, many top physique guys and competitors I know are not the best coaches.

Understand your strengths and use them, identify the weaknesses and be honest, don’t be what you are not.

In summary, make sure you develop your own fitness-related knowledge and experience to a high level before diving in with marketing to the masses. If you don’t, not only will you be doing a disservice to your clients and 1000s of people, but you will also be negatively impacting your brand in the long term.


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