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Sales Specialist:

Are you a sales and lead gen expert with experience in digital marketing, FB ads and funnels? Are you looking for an opportunity to join an entrepreneurial team of world-class marketers that run one of the fastest-growing full-stack marketing agencies in the world?

 Are you willing to think outside the box to generate your own leads for big commissions? 

 Are you awesome over the phone and able to discuss marketing, funnels, media buying, etc with confidence?

 Most importantly… are you experienced in CLOSING high-ticket 10-30k packages to millionaires?

If the answer is yes, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…

 ROI Machines  is a high-end, boutique digital marketing agency and we’re looking for a motivated, self-starting lead gen AND sales professional to come in and build out an entire department. 

 You will work directly with Rudy Mawer, a self-made multimillionaire by 27 and one of the biggest names in both the fitness AND digital marketing space.

 You could be the person we’re looking for if you meet ALL of these requirements:

  •  At least 3 years experience in sales, with a minimum of 1 year in the online marketing/funnel world.
  • A good understanding of digital marketing metrics and how digital marketing agencies deliver results for their clients. If you don’t know what an upsell is or what a retargeting ad is, you probably won’t be a fit.
  • Done your research on Rudy Mawer and and can clearly articulate what we’re about, what we do, and who our clients are
  • Experience selling direct response or digital marketing packages over the phone a HUGE plus.
  • Have basic entrepreneurial traits, including high-level logical thinking and problem solving. 
  • Extremely professional on the phone — most of our clients are worth 1 to 100 million dollars and are 30+ years of age
  • Can deploy sales  methods that are not pushy or sleazy, these are not phone calls to 25 year olds trying to sell a 2k package on their credit card. You are selling to millionaires who are probably smarter than you and I, they must be treated with respect and approached in a suitable manner.
  • Be ready to join a team, make exec calls, team calls, and partake in personal development. This role isn’t for someone looking for the freelance life where you work when you want or feel like it — you will be part of a growing team and thriving team environment.You  must be committed to this and treat like your own full time business. 

 The position is full time 40+ hours and the idea is your role is 50/50 lead gen and sales. We want someone who can focus on bringing in their own leads, working with my team to make ads, funnels etc, or, doing strategic outreach (we’ve got some cool models to help!). 

 Once you’ve bought in these leads, you’ll be paid to close them and pass them over to our team to start. You’ll get a base pay for the lead gen side, plus, % commission for the sales side. 

 Eventually, if you are experienced, we would also like you to take the Head of Sales role and build out a team under you, with a bonus % for all sales. 

 Excellent candidates put in additional hours as needed (and are compensated fairly for it). This role can easily pay in the range of  $100k to $200k+ per year. 

 If you’re successful, here’s what you get:

  •  Easy opportunity to jump straight to a 6-figure salary with growth towards $500k+ per year if you build out a sales team under you.
  • The unique opportunity to be in control of your own lead flow and funnels with my team building them weekly, and being paid to do so.
  • Chance to work directly with Rudy Mawer, a digital marketing expert who has made millions online and in sales and is paid thousands for his expert advice, mindset and skills.
  • Access to thousands of $ worth of ROI machines courses completely FREE, these courses have helped people make millions of dollars.
  • Access to additional personal development material, provided by the company free of charge on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.
  • Flexibility to watch your own lead gen ideas come to life every month with our team doing all the funnels and copy for you — all you do is plan the strategy and watch us build it. 
  • Long-term full-time role with a driven, tight-knit  team that’s hungry and motivated to grow to a 100 million $ business.

Now, if you think you can sell me this pen, please click to read the full website recruitment page and apply now!


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