Let Us Scale Your Business FAST With Less Stress, Time, Expenses & Hassle By Deploying Complete Done-For-You Marketing Solution!

For the first time ever, you can hire a done-for-you full stack agency designed for entrepreneurs, by an entrepreneur and multi-million $ business owner, to efficiently grow faster and scale profitably, without expanding your team or micromanaging everything so you can focus on what really matters in your business, sit back, and watch your revenue increase in a matter of months!

If you're tired of burning money on other agencies, letting your amazing ideas fade into the distance because you can't execute, or you're exhausted from micromanaging your entire team wasting dozens of precious hours weekly just to get things done, we are the final solution you will ever need!

Since you’ve found this page, you’re probably an already somewhat successful entrepreneur or biz owner and have more ideas and opportunities than you can action quickly or efficiently.

Now, while too many ideas and too many options can be a good problem to have…

You probably can’t help thinking how many millions of dollars you are leaving on table, by not effectively scaling your current business, funnels, ads or maybe all those new ideas, cross sells, upsets, side projects or back end ideas…

I’ve seen this happen time and time again, and it happens for one simple reason:

You don’t have the marketing and tech team to execute all your ideas fast enough.

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with this. They might have a great copywriters, tech teams and marketing team, but ultimately, they can only work on one project well at a time. And as you already know, time is your most limiting asset.

Now, while as a good entrepreneur, you 80/20 everything and pick the biggest levers or ideas first, you still know deep down that some of those ideas pushed to the side could or would take off and add $500k or maybe an extra million $ + next year, right?

Or perhaps your amazing team isn’t in the direct response world, so although they’ve done an amazing job so far building the foundations, you need an experienced direct response team to come in and scale you with their ROI focused methods they’ve been using to generate 200 million $ in revenue for their clients.

So whether you are looking for more speed, more direct response focus, less stress, less contractors to manage, more ROI and more scale we can help…


…if every time you had a new idea for a promotion, product, or service, you had a team ready to execute immediately and make it happen.


OUTSOURCE all your critical, money making marketing activities so your in-house team can focus on what it does best and keep the foundations going.

Bring your next MILLION-DOLLAR IDEAS to life by having a team of direct response marketing and Facebook ad specialists do all the strategy and heavy lifting for you!

Attract MORE HIGH ROI TRAFFIC and build high converting funnels that can actually covert that traffic well (without doing any legwork)

Have a complete end-to-end SALES FUNNEL BUILT and active in 30 days from the first little idea that popped in your head, optimized for ROI, scale and conversions, and then managed by an experienced team of elite marketers to split test, scale and make you millions in revenue!

Leverage the tens of millions of dollars in strategy from Rudy and the expertise of his SEASONED MARKETERS to handle your ads, funnel builds, overall marketing strategy, sales copywriting, email marketing and and every piece of the sales acquisition and conversion process FOR YOU

Here's Your Chance to Hire
My Elite Marketing Team,
My Marketing & Facebook
Ad 'Brain' and Unique Sales Funnels & Methods That
Have Generated 10s of
Millions of $$ Online!

Now you can stop trying to figure out if your in-house team can execute on time and spend months organizing projects…or worse, try and figure out all the marketing yourself.

As a smart entrepreneur, you know the value of outsourcing and delegating tasks to experts. It’s the best way to free up your time and focus on things that are most important to you.

I’ve created a VIP Done-For-You Marketing Package just for entrepreneurs, the most efficient and stress-free way to build out new revenue streams for your business, stay profitable, and get amazing RESULTS.
I’m Rudy Mawer, an entrepreneur and expert marketer. I built my own multi-million dollar fitness business in only 2 years.

I now run a full-stack marketing and tech agency to help entrepreneurs like you tap into new, highly profitable revenue streams. 

Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and been able to provide up to 10x returns on their investment. Some of my clients have even increased their profit or income by up to 1000%.

Now, I provide consulting services and speak about digital marketing, growth hacking, and funnels at conferences all over the world.

My agency provides an all-in-one solution for all your marketing, copy, funnel setup and tech needs.

“It’s like an unlimited Netflix subscription for media buying, funnel builds, copy, design, project management, and business strategy — on demand, whenever you want to execute your next profitable idea, fast”
Whether you’re a 7-figure coach looking to scale to the next level or an established $1M+ e-commerce business ready to launch new products, my team and I are ready to create a comprehensive marketing strategy and funnels that generate more sales for you...virtually on autopilot.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It (Or Even Our Tens Of Millions Of $ In Results), See What These

7 Figure and 8 Figure Business Owners Or Marketing Managers Had To Say About Our Work & The Stress Free Team Synergy We Create:

My Marketing Campaigns, Strategies and Facebook Funnels Have Helped Generate Over $200 Million Dollars in Revenue to Date...
Now I Want to Generate the Next Million With Yours

I’ve spent years optimizing my processes and assembling a world-class team to build funnels for our clients using my proven formula.

This is a proprietary process that nobody outside the company is privy to.

Our team does all the market research, gathers all the assets, and creates everything from scratch.

From copy to design, my team will handle every aspect of creating your high-converting campaign, launches, and funnels — and we make sure everything is aligned with your brand and voice.

So, Why Am I Doing This?


To Help Entrepreneurs (and Friends) Build and Scale Their Business to 8 and 9 figures FAST, WITH LESS TIME, STRESS OR ROAD BLOCKS

I love strategy, marketing, Facebook ads and applying that with life changing results to see my business help grow current clients and businesses to the 8 or 9 figure level, while developing amazing partnerships, friendships and synergies!


To Continue Being The #1 Digital Marketing Agency In This Fast-Moving Industry

We pride ourselves on delivering AMAZING results for our high-profile clients, including Olympic gold medalists, movie stars and 7, 8 and 9-figure entrepreneurs and brands as committed to success as we are. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the industry for delivering the best ROIs and offering a unique, full-stack service most others can’t touch. The only way to build upon that reputation is to deliver even bigger, better and faster results


Grow Key Friendships, Partnerships And Relationships

All my current and future clients are big name celebrities, brands or key players in the space that I want to surround myself with so we can grow together, as partners and in often cases, friends too! I’m a big believer that “Your network is your net worth” and that you are most like the people you spend your time with — I want YOU to be in my circle so we can grow together, in a fun, stress-free and profitable manner!

Working With Us - How Does It Work?

When you’re accepted to work with us as a client, we move fast, with one thought in mind: “How do we get you a crazy ROI that makes this a no-brainer, long term solution that our client will love for years to come?”

Our agency is different than what you see out there, it’s one of the few agencies in the world run by a multi-million $ business owner who saw the gap in the market for entrepreneurs who NEED these all-in-one marketing solutions to scale and thrive but didn’t know where to turn. He’s had his fair share of terrible agencies, contractor nightmares and growing pains and decided to create something 10x better.

Our agency is designed to deliver incredible ROIs from the very start of the relationship. We’ve taken our time to optimize every step of the process so our clients get only the BEST results when they work with us.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what to expect, how we work to get you a crazy ROI for your investment, and how we help you scale with less stress, hassle, time and headaches!



Within the first 3 days, the team gets together and creates a complete game plan for at least the next 3 months. Within the first 30 days, you’ll see us executing some of your new marketing plan and building all your assets. This 90 day strategy and road map plan is very in-depth, Rudy has charged businesses $2,000 – $6,000 for a similar plan & strategy overview alone!

This stage might include developing IG campaigns, deploying new Facebook ads, creating new copy and new funnels, re-working landing pages and upsell flows, redesigning parts of your website and sending you video scripts to shoot new videos for your site and ads. Everything is set up for your success and you’ll have tangible assets to work with in the very first month.



We’ll immediately take over and create, run, and optimize Facebook ads to existing assets to help you generate more sales and get a positive ROI for your investment with us within 30 days. While any backend optimization is happening or new funnels are being made, we are making every effort on the front end to scale aggressively with a large focus on your brand, goals and ROI!



Usually within the first 2-3 weeks, your newly optimized or brand new funnel and upsells are live and active with new ads and traffic! Yes, it really does happen than fast because we are an agency built on systems, efficiency and speed. We aim to deliver a fully built and activated funnel within 30 days that converts and beats any past funnels or strategies you’ve had.

That means you can start seeing sales come in within the first month of working with us, and within the first 60 days — most of our clients are ROI positive within the first two months and scaling fast! (usually less).

Possibly the best and most unique part of all this is that once your new funnel is live, we’ll be doing high level CRO that would cost you thousands alone! This includes monitoring and optimizing all funnels, landing pages, upsells and email automations to ensure you’re getting the best possible results from your investment. Now, imagine for the first time in your life, not only are we handling the tracking but we’ll also work on the optimization strategy, implementation, and launch – you get to sit back and relax, knowing that we are moving your business forward!


Scaling & Reporting

Our clients count on us to scale their million dollar marketing campaigns and optimize every piece of the marketing puzzle along the way — they can focus on other aspects of their business and watch the data and $$ flow!

Because we are ROI-focused and so hands on, we continue to monitor results and have Rudy personally tracks the results. He will personally review what’s working, what’s not working and what we need to implement weekly to scale with a better ROI. Every week, while you are now relaxing on the beach enjoying a cocktail or traveling, you will receive a report of all the work we’ve performed, ad spend, leads generated, sales, new split tests actioned and overall results.

We also set up weekly calls (and more as needed) with Rudy, the Marketing Manager and our Executive Team to ensure every client is hitting goals and objectives we’ve outlined, building momentum with Facebook ads, new and current funnels, IG growth, video content and ads, copy, email marketing and anything else we are working on so you are scaling RAPIDLY!

So What Does the Investment Look Like (Or A Better Question... How Much Will You SAVE With Us?)
Wait Until You See This...

By now, you’re probably wondering how much something like this costs and even, how much equity or % of revenue we are going to try and take?

(If you didn’t know, any other top agency in the space with this type of model will want a hefty retainer PLUS % of ad spend, revenue or even equity – I know this, as I’m friends with most of the other leading agency owners who have shared how they operate!).

After all, I’m giving you daily and weekly access to myself, my entire marketing team, my designers, my tech team, and my 6 figure + exec team who are also responsible for multi-million $ funnels and launches. If you were to hire this high-caliber team, their time alone alone would cost you at least $25,000 a month AND all your time to manage the team members, moving pieces and departments and agencies to get things to work.

So let’s take a quick look at what that looks like from a financial standpoint compared to the typical model of hiring multiple agencies or team members:


The total value of what my team and I provide is over $50,000 per month (or $600,000 of business expenses for the entire year – plus all the stress + hassle of managing 5+ employees, contractors and other individual agencies!).

But when you decide to work with us, you’ll get everything listed above (and probably more because we customize everything for the client) for one flat monthly retainer fee of 80% OFF the standard rates if we were to do each aspect individually on an a-la-carte basis.

That’s right, we will design, manage and profitably scale your entire business for you, build all the funnels, write all the copy, run all the media buying and Facebook ads, manage all the emails and provide all the stress free project management you need to grow to 7, 8 or 9 figures for a small flat fee that’s about 80% lower than the monthly cost to get everything separately at a similar standard of service, expertise, and care.

Plus, we require no equity, no % of profits or ad spend. We do everything for a nominal monthly fee to profitably scale your business, free up your time, remove stress and do it the right way, with myself and my elite direct response marketing team.

If you are already generating over $500k a year with good margins, a good product, service and offer, we would love for you to apply and see if you are a fit.

Please Note: We can only take on 2 clients per month as everything is customized, we’ll never have 50+ clients. We only work with a maximum of 15 at any time to ensure everything is tailored and customized for you — no shortcuts or subpar service!

Why Am I Doing This for Such a Low Fee?

My entire agency is run upon efficiency and scalability, and we’re at a point that we don’t need to charge ridiculous amounts of money to cover our own costs. I’ve created a simple done-for-you model that works for all types of clients, across all types of industries.

I have a history of building and scaling multi-million dollar funnels for my own companies and brands, companies that are pulling in profits to this day. Now, I want to share my proven formulas with others and help others grow.

You’re a smart entrepreneur, you know how to invest your business $$ wisely. So consider this…

If you were to hire a marketing manager or CMO for a $200k+ annual salary and a couple of staff (copywriters + funnel builds + media buyers) to execute these projects, an in-house team you’d be looking at paying out $500K+ per year in salaries alone.

When you work with us, you’re looking at a much smaller investment of about 20% of that for the entire YEAR of service, with less legal issues, stress, HR or management. We do all the legwork and manage everything to get you scaling and growing with a heavy focus on ROI, optimizing along the way. We keep track of all your progress (and successes!) to ensure you’re always maximizing your investment into us and the media spend.

Dozen Of Top Entrepreneurs And Brands Like You Have Already Made A Smart Decision To Work With Us, They Include Celebrities, Olympic Or Pro Athletes, Gold Medalist And Million-Dollar Brands And Entrepreneurs, Including...

... And Here's Some Of The Clients Results!

And, We've Been Generating Amazing ROIs And Results With Our Own Funnels, Ads And Strategies Along The Way...

So now it’s your turn to make an important decision for your business and apply if you’re serious about changing the entire dynamics and future of your business. 

Are you going to sit back and let another million-dollar funnel or idea sit on the back-burner, let someone ELSE profit from something you could have had yourself?

Or are you going to try and still follow the broken model of hiring then burning your precious time to manage the contracts and agency again and again, that are just trying to collect that retainer month-to-month without actually caring about the ROI or long-term reputation like we do?

Hopefully, you are you going to make a smart business decision to work with me and my dedicated, world-class team of marketers to grow and scale your business faster with a 100% ROI focus.

The choice is yours, and, I know you will make the right one… 

I look forward to hearing about your business soon 🙂


Rudy Mawer is world-renowned entrepreneur and marketing expert, a leader in the industry who has built multi-million dollar businesses in just a few short years. As the founder of ROI Machines and CEO of four high-growth companies, Rudy speaks at several leading conferences and events around the world to share his insights and expertise.

He has earned a reputation as the world’s top Facebook ad expert within the health, fitness and weight loss industries, spending millions of dollars a year on high-performing Facebook ads through his own businesses.

As a result, Rudy has developed a proprietary blueprint for success with Facebook ad funnels and proven business systems that continues to generate positive ROI for his and his clients’ businesses.

Rudy was awarded an Extraordinary Individual Visa by the US government for his advanced business skills and now consults with many of the world’s leading fitness organizations, celebrities, public figures, ecommerce stores, supplement companies and other enterprises.

He has built and run many successful marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar companies and brands since his fitness business success, consistently building upon his proven track record of wins and massive ROIs — his clients have seen a 10x return on their investment, as well as profit and income increases by up to 1000%.

Under Rudy’s direction and leadership, the elite marketing team at ROI Machines works behind the scenes for many top brands, celebrities and authority figures you know today. The agency specializes in Facebook ads, product launches, and full-service funnel development optimization, with the goal of generating a positive ROI clients within 30 days. The team is dedicated to delivering exceptional work and developing win-win relationships with every client that comes through its doors.

Working with ROI Machines means clients not only benefit from Rudy’s expertise and direction, but also get to work with a world-class team of marketers and entrepreneurs that understand the unique challenges a business has in today’s marketplace. Whether the goal is to scale and grow an existing business, launch a funnel from scratch, or manage product launches, ROI Machines handles all aspects of marketing for the highest possible ROI.

New clients are accepted on an application-only basis to determine whether they are positioned for growth and ready to take their business to the next level with our team.


Most people don’t know HOW to prospect and network with high-ticket clients. They might teach you how to do a sales call or how to promote yourself but the missing piece is how to actually have REAL conversations with these clients and how to find out who the decision makers are. I teach you all of that (and more) from being part of the ‘inner circle’ of the elite and knowing exactly what they want…and what they want to hear. I’m sharing it all here!

Things weren’t always this way. I used to make $30,000 a year working as a personal trainer at a local gym. It wasn’t until I tapped into the opportunity to create my own online business that things really took off. I wanted MORE, I was hungry for success. And all I did was make the decision to create what I wanted. You can do the same thing by creating your own lifestyle business with my program.

Yes. Everything I teach can be applied to both online and brick and mortar businesses. If you own an agency with an office in the city or are just starting out with an online marketing agency, you’ll be able to grow and scale to 7-figures (or more!) with my R.A.P.I.D Agency Builder program.

I stand behind my 90-day guarantee. If for some crazy reason, after applying all my teachings, you don’t get results in 90 days, I’ll give you 200% of your investment back. I’m THAT confident that anyone who applies everything I teach here, follows the systems, and uses the blueprints will get results — usually in less than 90 days!

We are not only a leading agency of elite marketers, but also leading strategists and I’m a 7-figure business owner. We use proprietary systems and funnels that you can simply clone and apply yourself. We’ve done all the hard work to test and optimize these funnels — that’s what I mean when I say you’re ‘stealing’ my blueprints! As an agency, we think outside the box and also command $10,000 a month retainer deals – there’s a reason why we can do that, and we will show you how to do that too!

No problem. We teach you the basics to get your clients results and have tons of courses to get you where you need to be to sell Facebook marketing as a service. The training goes from beginner to advanced so you can become a Facebook ads expert within DAYS, not weeks and months like other programs!

In most cases, 7 days or less! This course is in-depth but also very actionable with proven systems you can go out and apply almost immediately. You could even land your first $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000+ client in 24 hours!

Absolutely. I cover EVERYTHING you need to close deals effortlessly in my SECRET SALES SCRIPT training. This bonus training is only available to those that take action today and covers everything you need to know about sales calls and even closing deals via DM on social media! Even if you have zero sales experience, you’ll master sales with my strategies and guides.

Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. Testimonials show here are for examples only, and not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results may vary.