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Our world-class digital marketing agency helps some of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs and brands scale and grow rapidly in today’s competitive marketplace. Our team of in-house specialists takes care of everything from direct-response copywriting and web design, to full funnel builds and Facebook ad campaign execution with the goal of helping clients generate the highest ROI every step of the way.


Rudy Mawer is world-renowned entrepreneur and marketing expert, a leader in the industry who has built multi-million dollar businesses in just a few short years. As the founder of ROI Machines and CEO of four high-growth companies, Rudy speaks at several leading conferences and events around the world to share his insights and expertise.

He has earned a reputation as the world’s top Facebook ad expert within the health, fitness and weight loss industries, spending millions of dollars a year on high-performing Facebook ads through his own businesses.

As a result, Rudy has developed a proprietary blueprint for success with Facebook ad funnels and proven business systems that continues to generate positive ROI for his and his clients’ businesses.

Rudy was awarded an Extraordinary Individual Visa by the US government for his advanced business skills and now consults with many of the world’s leading fitness organizations, celebrities, public figures, ecommerce stores, supplement companies and other enterprises.

He has built and run many successful marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar fitness companies and has a proven track record of success — his clients have seen a 10x return on their investment, as well as profit and income increases by up to 1000%.

Under Rudy’s direction and leadership, the elite marketing team at ROI Machines works behind the scenes for many top brands, celebrities and authority figures you know today. The agency specializes in Facebook ads, product launches, and full-service funnel development optimization, with the goal of generating a positive ROI for clients within 30 days. The team is dedicated to delivering exceptional work and developing win-win relationships with every client that comes through its doors.

Working with ROI Machines means clients not only benefit from Rudy’s expertise and direction, but also get to work with a world-class team of marketers and entrepreneurs that understand the unique challenges a business has in today’s marketplace. Whether the goal is to scale and grow an existing business, launch a funnel from scratch, or manage product launches, ROI Machines handles all aspects of marketing for the highest possible ROI.

New clients are accepted on an application-only basis to determine whether they are positioned for growth and ready to take their business to the next level with our team.


It has been an incredible journey to be a part of ROI Machines in the past 2.5 years and to help to grow from zero to multi-million dollar company. Joining Rudy’s company was the best decision I’ve ever made in my career as a graphic designer.

The opportunity to work with the best clients in the world, working with elite team, helped me to grow as a designer and personally.

Everyday challenges, working from home, flexible hours, well-structured departments is what I like most and the reasons why I’m still in this company.

Boris Edrovski

Head of Design

Working with Rudy and ROI Machines has been a fantastic experience and a real game changer for me individually. Rudy has empowered me to step beyond just working with lines of code, he has challenged me to take pride in the work that I do and even more importantly in the work of the team as a whole. The team he has assembled are not only industry experts, but experts in life as well and they continually help me grow both on the job and outside of it as well.

While working with other teams in the past I had definitely fallen into the rut of just punching a time card but with ROI Machines I find myself wanting to work extra hours and genuinely getting excited when we knock a project out of the park!

Kevin Goodwin

Head of Enterprise & Tech

Having always wanted to immerse myself in an entrepreneurial environment, but not knowing where and how to start, ROI Machines has helped me create a reality I am proud of, along with providing me with the top media buying skills that will differentiate me for years to come! Everyday I’m given the opportunity to accomplish new challenges and expand my comfort zone. I look back every week and don’t even recognize myself for how much I’ve grown. Proudly, I can say I’ve learned more in a month with Rudy and the team than I have in 2 years as a digital marketer.

Oliver Zerges

Marketing Manager

Being part of the elite team of marketers at ROI Machines and working with Rudy on a variety of projects has been a great experience for me. The opportunity to work with high-profile clients and use both my copywriting and marketing skills is very rewarding. It’s exciting to be a part of this growth-driven team where every day is different. You get to work with a team of experts that truly care about their work and delivering the best possible results for all the clients we serve.

Rudy has created a strong, growth-oriented company culture and work environment that challenges you to bring your best self to work every day. This is a place for top performers to thrive, get better at their craft, and learn from leaders in the industry.


Lead Copywriter

I have been fortunate enough to call Rudy a close personal friend for the past few years, and watching his meteoric climb to the top of the online digital marketing space has been so impressive, especially at such a young age.

Today, having the opportunity to work with Rudy inside of ROI has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Being able to service our clients that are generating revenue numbers in the 7, 8, and even 9 figure categories means that the reach that we have is global and impacting millions of lives.

Generating revenue and increasing profits is great, and is rooted at the core of everything we do. But what I love most about this organization is that we are truly changing the world through our relationships and partnerships.

Frank Rich

Project & Operations Manager


Ok, so enough about us; here are some of the key benefits for you. While it may be hard for some people to envisage the future, hopefully, if you’ve landed on this page, you are already smart enough to see the bigger picture and vision. If you don’t, it may be best you stop here, as joining ROI Machines is 100% about your future, the big vision and a long-term play. If you are just trying to collect some quick cash for 3 months, we aren’t for you. With that being said, here are some of the other highly unique short-term and immediate benefits you get by ditching the typical 9-5 grind, freelance or contract work.
  • Work with a team of 20+ elite staff
  • Unlimited potential for growth
  • An extremely impressive team culture, we are all like one big family.
  • A crazy amount of personal development to help you become your best self
  • A large focus on your own career growth within the business and outside of the business
  • Fast and exciting opportunities to grow your role, become a team leader, rapidly boost your salary, etc.
  • 1-1 work with Rudy, benefiting from all his expertise.
  • Work from where you want, from the beaches of Hawaii to the mountains of New Zealand, you can truly work and locate yourself wherever you wish (as long as you have internet).
  • Be able to optimize your time and tasks, knowing every single thing you do is moving the business forward and you are not just another employer or cog in a machine as is the case in most corporations.
  • Growth potential to earn over 6 figures / 100k per year in your industry (depending on role)
  • Work and get connected with many top organizations, elite marketers and business owners, Social Media celebrities, real Hollywood celebs and pro bodybuilders who are all friends, business associates or clients of ROI Machines.
  • Wake up excited to ‘work’ every day.
  • Know every single day you are helping to improve not one, not ten, not even 1000, but millions of people’s lives.
  • Becoming part of an elite team with some of the very best experts in the world, helping you grow and develop to become 10x the person you ever believed possible, with personal support and mentoring from Rudy himself.
  • Thousands of dollars of free training.
  • Yearly annual events in paradise with the whole team
  • Monthly and quarterly bonuses

At first I thought this would just be part time, but, watching the company’s rapid growth it quickly turned into a real career opportunity. While working with Rudy, I’ve had the opportunity to practice skills and truly help others to the extent I had only envisioned prior.

I’ve been able to grow personally in ways that I’ve always wanted and I’ve been able to do it with flexibility, allowing me to truly pursue my desires and get a great work life balance. Providing real, scientific-based practice to individuals has always been my goal. Working with Rudy has provided me with an outlet to finally see that goal through. If you’re at all interested in the prospect of working in an exciting and challenging community then you’ll love working with Rudy – it is the gold standard.

Sam B.

Content Writer

Working for Rudy changed the course of my life forever. The value of being a part of his business went far beyond the payroll and the ability to work remotely on my terms. Rudy exposed me to a plethora of personal development avenues and always pushed me to open my mind to new possibilities and concepts. He taught me many things but the most important probably being that the success of any person or business stems from having the proper mindset.

This strong mindset is something that permeates Rudy’s business culture. In fact, Rudy’s investment in me as an employee and friend allowed me to grow so much personally and professionally that I gained the skills and confidence necessary to begin my own business. I know for a fact this would have been painstakingly delayed or nonexistent altogether if it had not been for Rudy’s successful role as a boss and mentor.

Luke K.

Project Management & Content Lead

I originally joined Rudy’s team after working in the corporate industry ever since I graduated. I was initially worried about the change in profession as I had only worked as a freelancer in the fitness and nutrition field for the previous 6 years. Rudy and his team were very pro-active in their approach to coaching, training and improving each employee, both in their job and as an individual.

The company offers a great opportunity to learn a lot and develop essential life skills. Overall, it has given me the opportunity to work in an international and culturally diverse environment where I can communicate with the team remotely whilst doing what I love best – travelling. The entire team blends really well together, and as a trio we all deliver excellent customer service. For all these reasons, I would recommend it to anyone as a great place to work and excel – so apply now!

Janez L.

Sport Scientist

“I can confidently say that working with Rudy has been an opportunity of a lifetime. The freedom to work from anywhere in the world while impacting millions of people’s health is more than anything I could’ve ever asked for. Out of all the fitness companies I worked with, Rudy has created the most empowering work environment I’ve seen & allows me to grow every single day.

Ever since I started working with Rudy I’ve just been happier, more productive & just overall had higher standards for myself.

You are the average of the five people you most associate with – make Rudy one of those five.”

Daniel H.

Operations Manager


As you can hopefully now see, we aren’t seeking out any regular or average people.

We firmly believe that for us to reach our mission and achieve our goals to help millions of people we must recruit the top 1% of the industry, with unique mindsets, work ethic, targets and a proven track record of being an extraordinary individual throughout life.

If you’ve always been average, with average goals, motivation and mindset you simply won’t cut the high-speed natural that we all thrive on here at ROI Machines.

If you ask anyone who knows Rudy they will all talk about his unique ability to produce work at 10x the average rate, which allowed him to build a multi-million business by the age of 26, and begin his own real estate business from the age of 18, with his first company starting at just 13 years old.

With that being said, if you spend your days looking around the office, gym or in any public area while knowing you stand out from the crowd, this could be the perfect place for you thrive, grow and be valued for your extraordinary ability.

Here are some core values and attributes we look for in potential new team members:

An extraordinary track record of being the best at what you do, from fitness knowledge, to coding, to writing copy, to running teams, general marketing, media buying, etc. Whatever your niche, you must be in the top 1%.

Be able to give this your full focus daily – this isn’t a part-time gig or for someone wanting a ‘balanced’ life.

Be able to put in the hours and overtime when needed – we often do 12-15 hour days when required. Your career and this business should become a key aspect and focus of your life.

Be in this for the journey, personal development, experience and potential to help millions of people, not just for a monthly paycheck.

Be familiar with the ROI Machines and Rudy Mawer brand, who we are, what we stand for and what we do, etc.

Commitment to long-term relationships and a long-term role; we do not want people who are just here for 6 months. We spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours investing in our staff and training them, so we want people who plan to grow and stick around for 5 years.

Able to make this their only or core focus – we do not want people with other companies, multiple contracts, 3 jobs or a bunch of freelance clients on the side.

Be extremely efficient and grinding through 30 tasks a day, extremely organized and focused. Due to the company’s growth, revenue and active users, you’ll often be in roles where just one simple mistake could cost $10,000 in just a few hours. We require unique people who are extremely organized and have exacting attention to detail.

Able to be online all day, most days during the initial months of training, then with more flexibility as the role progresses and you grow into it.


Junior Website Page Builder/Coder

(100% Pixel Perfect Coding)

Senior Full Stack Developer

Graphics Designer Experienced in Sales Pages

High Converting Copywriter

(Proof Of Results Is a Must)

Marketing Manager

Media Buyer / Account Manager

(FB Ads, YouTube/ Google ads)

Project Manager & Operations Management

Exec Assistant to CEO/Exec Team

Marketing Manager

Media Buyer / Account Manager

(FB Ads, YouTube/ Google ads)

Project Manager & Operations Management

Exec Assistant to CEO/Exec Team

The average salary will depend on the role. It can start at $2000 a month for a page builder in India, or go as high as $180,000 a year for a C level marketing manager or similar role with years of experience running big accounts and heading a big team.

Most of our US/Canadian/UK staff are on around $60,000 to $100,000 per year for account managers, full stack development, media buying or copywriters.

Despite us paying well, this is NOT the place to join if pay is your only focus. You can probably find a job that pays more in year one, elsewhere. This is an equal commitment from you and Rudy/the company to grow together over the next few years and we have far more unique benefits than just the pay cheque!