“Rudy’ It’s Almost Like We Are Printing Money”

– Comment from Client

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Spent $8000 and obtained $16,000 back in business! Once our system is in place, some clients are making this DAILY.*

Within the first day of launching, we closed $8000 of business and hundreds of leads that will make tens of thousands of $ over future months!*

One client shot me a text 2 days in asking how the ads were going. My reply… “$402 spend, $7,182 return”*

Now, check out the crazy ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for these ads. For one, $342 spend and 18.95x ROAS = $6480 back and the list goes on…*

Or, in one day, spend $1991 and close with a whopping $12,600 in sales!*

How would you like to spend $38,000 and get $167,000 back next month?*

25,000 Targeted US Leads in 20 Days! Hopefully you know the power of email marketing… This could be worth millions of $ alone!*

Another great month for a client, making over $24,000 profit in their slowest month of the year where they usually lose money.*

$300 spend = 61x ROI with $300 and an $18,000 profit as part of a 7 figure launch we built.*

$8206 = $13,000 profit to cold traffic in one week!*

$10,000 Spend = $50,000 profit in one month for a supplement company within the first 45 days of working with me!

$6700 = Over $30,000 profit and 6x ROAS for an ecommerce company!


  • In one fb ad campaign, we generated 83,000 us leads in just 12 weeks, all for on average 0.50c per lead!*
  • While working with one supplement company, we helped add a 1348% in revenue from the year before which led them to a total gross profit of over 3 million $.*
  • In my own fitness ebook business, I made over $100,000 profitably in just 7 days using Facebook ads to cold traffic and also acquired a whopping 5,000 new customers.*
  • Just last year, I also made $400,000 gross and over $100,000 NET profit in just 30 days using Facebook ads to mainly cold traffic.*
  • For one client during a 4 day black-friday promo sale we helped them make over $300,000 (double their goal revenue). We also ran FB ads, with a $7 cost per sale (CPA) on a $200 average order!*
  • For a local business, we sold over 2000 meal plans for them with a life time customer value of $1200 per customer and a tiny $50 CPA/cost per sale. That's a whopping 20x ROI.*
  • Using a webinar funnel, we acquired over 3000 webinar registrations at $15 per one that led to a ROI of between 300-900% *
  • Just last year, we spent over 1.4 million dollars on a single FB ad account in the fitness space and made a NET PROFIT of $500,000 while acquiring over 50,000 new customers!*
  • For a skin care company, we made them a 40 x ROI and over $40,000 in NET PROFIT after ad spend in just 3 days!*


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