How to Optimize Your Facebook Audience – A Complete Guide

Optimizing your Facebook audience when preparing adverts on Facebook is a vital part of creating an effective advert.

If you don’t optimize your audience, it’s like trying to sell fresh cuts of meat and chicken to a group of vegans… it simply won’t work.

By fully optimizing an audience it gives you the best chance at getting leads, conversions and overall engagements to the most important people – those who care and those who will buy!

Creating an advert is rather simple on Facebook; however, fully optimizing your audience for the advert can take hours of research and testing. In this guide, I’ll teach you the best way to create YOUR perfect audience.

Getting Started and Setting Your Facebook Audiences

The steps to create and set your audience for your ‘page’ are fairly simple; however, you must know your “best” audiences before doing this.

Here are the steps:

1) Go to your page

2) Click ‘settings’, which will be located in the top right hand corner

3) Proceed to click ‘General’ in the tab column on the left side page

4) Locate the row titled ‘Audience optimization for posts’ in the page then click Edit

5) Finally check off the box to start implementing the feature.


Setting Your Demographic/Geographic for Facebook Audiences

When optimizing an audience your first objective is to determine and seek a demographic that’s extremely relevant to what you’re promoting.

The more relevant your demographic is, the better chance engagements and conversions will occur.

When looking specifically at audience’s location, you must take into account what you’re trying to provide them with (i.e. in person service VS online).

If, for example, you’re advertising in person fitness/personal training, you must be optimizing your audience locally to you or to your place of work, likely within 15-25 KM (10-15 miles).

For online products, eBooks and programs etc., I’ve found these locations are the best for providing quality customers and fans (remember, cheapest cost per click does not mean it is best). Start here and you can always do split testing to try other locations which may be relevant:

– United Kingdom

– United States of America

– Ireland

– Canada

– New Zealand

– Australia

How To Set Likes / Interests (Most Important!)

Setting your interests is without doubt the most detailed and important aspect of setting up a Facebook advert.

As I said at the start…

“Not optimizing your audience is like trying to sell fresh cuts of meat to vegans.”

Look at it this way, if you walked into a shopping mall with general people and asked 1000 of them who wanted to join your guaranteed muscle building plan, or, you walked into the free weights area of a gym and asked the same question, how would the outcomes differ?

Quite obviously, you would getting WAY more interest and sign-ups in the gym, vs the shopping mall with a mix of regular people.

In most cases, by setting up a specific audience to your brand/service/product you can increase your income, overall success and conversation rate by 200 – 1000% !!

To start, if you want to make it broad you can select general interest as shown below:

However, I even believe even this to be too broad and after spending thousands of dollars on Facebook adverts I know you can be more specific.

To get more specific you can optimize and select your audience through likes and interests, this is one of the most effective ways of gathering potential customers interested in YOUR product / service.

The best part of this is that, once you select a couple of page likes, Facebook will automatically start to generate very similar pages and interests, helping you to further build and expand the audience while reaching customers you may have missed.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of optimizing your audience, it will truly make or break the success of EVERY single advert.

I tested over 600 different ads and audiences over $100,000 until I found the “perfect’ audiences for my brand/product. This took me countless hours of split testing and research; however, it’s given me a PROVEN audience for the rest of my advertising life!

In my Facebook Mastery Course I dedicate a whole chapter to helping individuals research and test to see the BEST audience for them, while also providing them with my secret and top audiences/advert sets which will work wonders for any fat loss / physique enhancement / bodybuilding course, product, service or business!

Optimizing Your Facebook Audience Based on Previous Interaction

Ready to take things a step further and increase your campaign success even more?

Retargeted audiences tend to be the most successful group of people to advertise to – these are classed as “Warm Audiences” in digital marketing.

Warm Audiences simply mean they are “Warm” or “Familiar” to your brand. Hopefully, if you are good and honest with your marketing and content, this means they like you more, trust you and in most cases, look up to you as an authority in your field.

Therefore, this means warm audiences are much more likely to buy. Again, here’s a scenario to help you understand this better:

Scenario A: You walk up to random people in a new gym and tell them to buy your muscle building / fat loss program because it’s super wonderful and promise them X results.


Scenario B: You’ve been a member of this gym for years, you are friendly, well known and respected by other members. You’ve always given advice, spotted people and helped them with tips, tricks and helped improve their technique when training yourself. One day, you are talking to another member, (who knows you well and looks up to you), about a new muscle building / fat loss program you’ve just released.

Who’s more likely to buy? Again, Scenario B, the “warm audience” is probably 5 to 10 times more likely to purchase your product – commonsense right?

This is basically what retargeting on Facebook does. It allows you to engage with people who already know your brand, including:

– Those who like your page

– Those who have visited your website

– Those who have watched one of your videos

– Those who are on your email list or follow you on other social media profiles, such as IG.

Optimizing Further With Audience Restrictions

This is another great way to limit those who view your adverts and increase the specific of the audience, especially if you have large audiences over 1 or 2 million.

By doing this, you can limit those who may not respond too well to your advert, even if they did fall within a like or interest set above. For example, if you originally targeted bodybuilders to sell your fresh cuts of meat, you could further restrict (exclude) vegetarians.

This way, you are getting bodybuilders who love meat, not hitting bodybuilders that are vegetarian, which would just be a waste of money and reduce your conversion rate / campaign success!

Remember, not only will it save you money and improve the campaign success, audiences like this may leave negative feedback on your advert, which can cause your advert to get blocked or banned.

Furthermore, even if they don’t do this, there is a big chance that they will leave negative comments and “angry” faces on your post, which can put off other users and increase the cost of the campaign.

As you can see, it’s vitally important to boost to those who will respond well to your advert, product and business while eliminating those who will respond negatively!

Get These Proven Audiences

Hopefully you now see why the right audience will 100% make or break your success when advertising on Facebook, or, in any aspect of marketing.

Just like carving the perfect physique, this is not an overnight or 1 day task. It’s going to be a daily and ongoing battle, especially if you wish to create a highly lucrative and successful Facebook marketing system which will succeed in the long run.

Remember, hard work pays off. If you dedicate the time and put in the groundwork, you can easily increase your revenue and make thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars from Facebook Adverts.

If you are serious about Facebook Advertising and want my tried and tested techniques, you can learn about my highly successful and world renowned Facebook Mastery Course, using the exact techniques and audiences I’ve used to generate a $500,000 (yes, half a million) business, in 6 months – all from Facebook Adverts.


Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. Testimonials show here are for examples only, and not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results may vary.