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You’re busy juggling millions of different tasks to sustain your business. At the same time, you’re getting emails and DMs about the same questions you’ve answered hundreds of times.

If you’re looking for an efficient solution to these types of problems, you need to get up to speed with Facebook Messenger bots.

It’s like you’re building your ideal salesman, without going through the hassle of trying to hire the right candidates!

This salesman knows exactly how to address your customers’ wants and needs. They’re so good that they can uncover hidden pain points that you didn’t even know they had.

How Data Helps You Dominate

What makes this super-efficient salesman tick? – It’s all about the data!

Messenger bots can retain tons of details about your customers, even the small ones that most people would naturally forget after a while.

You can also program it the way you like. In this way, you’re literally giving your software a sales script to follow. You’re customizing it so that it takes care of a big chunk of your work for you.

You see, your messenger bot can help you schedule sales calls, recommend products for your customers, but most importantly it can help you close more sales.

And as your messenger bot collects more data from your customers, you’re able to tell right away what’s working in your sales funnel process!

Remember, with your customized messenger bots by your side, they can manage parts of your business so that you can focus on growing it more, or doing whatever you want!

Time is money. You’re saving more of this invaluable resource with the right messenger bots by your side.

Giving Your Customers What They Want

Other than data, what else makes messenger bots a powerful marketing tool?

Let’s compare it to what else is out there, like email marketing.

Now, there’s no question that email marketing is also a very useful skill to master. There are benefits to using both. And in some cases, you can combine the two to seriously boost your sales!

But you see, most of your prospects are reluctant to give you their email address right away. Not only that but after they opt-in to your email list, you have to wait for them to follow up on your confirmation email.

And finally, once all that is set up, you have to plan out your email sequence to send to them over the next few days.

But with messenger bots, your customers can simply press one button to opt-in and enter the top of your sales funnel. This is a key reason why messenger opt-ins are much higher than email—it’s easier to pull off.

Pressing one simple button is just one way for your prospects to opt-in. You can also set up your messenger bot so that all they have to do is “comment” or post something on Facebook to automatically opt-in.

There’s no annoying sign-up process you or your customers have to deal with.

Simplifying Your Sales Process

Here’s a basic framework to grasp how messenger bots can simplify your sales process.

  • Awareness Stage: the prospect becomes aware that they have a problem
  • Consideration/Evaluation Stage: the prospect defines their problem and looks at all of the different options for how they can solve it.
  • Decision/Purchase State: the prospect selects the right solution for them

Depending on how you customize your chatbot, it can automatically lead a user down this same basic funnel. Think of your messenger bot as your customer’s close friend. They’re there to guide them through any questions or concerns they have.

And unlike email, your prospect doesn’t have to wait a couple of days for a reply. Your messenger bot is their personal assistant that they can engage with instantly!

Defining Your Customers

How else can you set up your messenger bots to become your automated sales machines?

You must define a clear buyer persona for them.

You can do this through research to find out more about demographics, behaviors, motivations, fears, desires, pain points, and so on.

With a clear buyer persona to work from, your messenger bots can gather even more data about your target audience—simply through the conversations they have!

All consumer conversations are a way for your customer to tell you what they’re really interested in.

This means that you’ll have the ability to gain an even deeper insight into where their “mind” is during any part of your sales funnel.


Even though technology is changing, people will naturally want an easy solution to their problems. It’s human nature.

Think about it, if you’re doing it right, messenger bots give an instant response to a user’s message. This response is also customized to hone in on pain points based on your customer’s behavior. And it’s not like they’re talking to a cold robot.

Messenger bots offer customers the ability to connect with your business in a warm, friendly, personal way.

That’s why, by 2020, it’s estimated that 85% of customer-business relationships will take place without human interaction.

Messenger bots are up and coming, and this is the perfect time to master this skill before everyone realizes it.

Here’s another fact you can’t ignore. Facebook’s messenger app grew to 1.3 billion users in a fraction of the time it took Facebook to reach the same amount of normal profiles!

Not sure how to take full advantage of this trend? I’ll give you the exact sales scripts I use that have earned 500% ROI with Chatbots.

It’s all in my 7-day course I’ve built for you.

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