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Imagine if you had been in the first 1% of organizations to use email marketing in the ‘90s. What about being in the first 1% of people using Facebook and Google ads in the ‘00s? 

Do you want to be in the first 1% of companies taking advantage of messenger bot marketing?  

You can.

What Is A Messenger Bot?

It’s not AI, but we’re getting there.

 It’s a software script that your prospects get to interact with.

 You can collect email addresses, demographic data, schedule calls, even make sales. That’s just the beginning. 

Your customers want to engage with your business, but they don’t want to call you. Waiting a day or two for an email loses all the magic of “I want it now!” 

 When you give your prospects the options of talking to your bot, they can get what they’re looking for without sucking your payroll away.

 If you don’t start, you’ll kick yourself for not being in the first half a percent. Open rates are astronomically high, and the bots provide an engagement level that most marketers would trade an arm for. 

If you haven’t started, here’s why you should..

1. Less than 1% of businesses are using them right now

There is always the most opportunity at the cutting edge of new developments. That’s right where we are with messenger bots.

The costs are lower because you aren’t competing with other marketing campaigns. Prospects aren’t sick of the method yet. Neither are they overwhelmed.

2. More People Use Messenger Apps Than Social Media

In the last couple of years, the use of messenger apps like Facebook Messenger have overtaken social media platforms in daily users.

If you put an ad in someone’s Facebook feed, there is a 1-2% chance they’ll see it. If you push it through Facebook messenger, they might not open it, but they’ll see it.

3. Higher open rates than other marketing channels

What would your ROI look like if your email marketing had an 80% open rate?

Amazing, right? 

80% is pretty standard for a new messenger bot campaign. With list fatigue, it can drop down to 50%, which is still awesome.

We’ve regularly seen 90% open rates with our campaigns. While a 90% open rate is never guaranteed in marketing, a combination of testing, targeting and experience can help you get there. 

4. Response rates are mind-boggling

What’s your conversion rate on your email marketing? Social media marketing?

What if I told you that you could get a 35+% response rate to messenger bots? We’ve turned this into 200 to 500% ROI. The adspend on these tends to generate double the returns versus normal social media advertising. 

5. clients like them

For most people chatting with an AI is a novel experience. It’s bringing all of the glamor of science fiction into real life. There’s a reason Data is one of the most beloved characters in Star Trek. 

6. they can do more than collect email addresses. 

Collecting email addresses to boost your email marketing lists is just the beginning. You can use messenger bots to schedule sales calls, recommend products, even sell products. 

You can use them to pull in returning customers or direct traffic to a webinar. As the technology gets more advanced, we’ll see even more applications for them. 

But the best use? They can close sales. With all that data coming in from your prospects, you can see what’s working right away. 

7. reduce customer acquisition costs

Depending on the messenger platform, you can pay less to push sponsored posts to your lists than regular social media posts.

 But even if the rates are similar, with higher open and response rates, your acquisition costs plummet. 

8. REDUCE payroll

You don’t have to use messenger bots just to collect email addresses. Some of the more complex bots can do basic troubleshooting or even recommend products.

Companies are already using these in a customer service capacity. Giving tips for product use or even helping answer questions.

9. better demographic data

As a marketer, I love data. More data is like finding an extra present under the tree at Christmas.

 Particularly with Facebook Messenger, you get all of the data associated with that Facebook account.

 That means better ad targeting!

10. AmAzing segmentation

Remember how I mentioned earlier that you get all that Facebook account information when someone engages with your messenger bot?

That gives you some AMAZING targeting (and retargeting.) You can take all of that information and create bot trees where your prospect will feel like the bot KNOWS them.

 11. fASt and easy testing

The best part about messenger bots is it’s almost instantaneous feedback, whereas email marketing you’ll have to wait a few days to a week. 

By testing new messenger bot campaigns on small segments of your list, you can quickly figure out which campaign will give you the best return, further increasing your ROI.

where to begin with messenger bots?

This can be the overwhelming part. But it’s not really that difficult to start, as you can make a bot for just about anything (chat-related.)

There are companies like Chatfuel or MobileMonkey that provide the coding for you. All you have to do is customize the chat trees.

You could also hire a coder to create one yourself. I’d recommend if you’re a small team or have a low budget, using a built-for-you one. Test it. When it provides some fantastic ROI, you can invest in a more complex one.

Either way, start now. You’ll be early to the party while your competitors are still struggling with their social media campaigns.

 If you still aren’t sure how to take advantage of this, I put together a 7-day course on every step you need to take to make a chatbot for your company. I even give you what you need to copy/paste your own messenger bot to get started. 

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Rudy Mawer

Rudy Mawer

ROI Machines is founded by Rudy Mawer, an established international entrepreneur, and expert marketer who has successfully built multi-million dollar businesses. He presents around the world at conferences and events and is the CEO of 4 companies along with being a Forbes Agency Partner. He is well known as the worlds top Facebook advert experts within the health, fitness and weight loss industry and spends millions of dollars per year with Facebook ads across his own businesses and his agency, all providing a positive ROI.

Rudy was awarded an Extraordinary Individual visa by the US government for his specific skills in this niche and now consults for many of the world’s leading fitness organizations, celebrities, public figures, E-commerce stores, supplement companies and more. He has built and run many successful marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar fitness companies and, in many cases, provided a 10 times return for their investment or increased their total profit or income by up to 1000%.

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