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ROI Mastermind & Mentoring

Welcome to my ROI Mastermind & Mentoring (ROIMM) program, created by the CEO of ROI Machines and International Multi 7-Figure Entrepreneur, Rudy Mawer.

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Rudy is a world-renowned Facebook ads specialist, marketing consultant and fitness celebrity who has helped numerous companies, celebrities, famous athletes and large 8 figure businesses grow, scale and increase revenue with his advanced marketing techniques, Facebook ad mastery, connections, vision and strategy.

He is an international CEO of 4 businesses, speaker, educator, and his work has been published across many of the world’s leading fitness and business websites and magazines. He is well known within the health, nutrition, fitness and supplement world for being the go-to expert for marketing, growth hacking and funnel creation.

He also built his own fitness business to over 1 million USD in just 12 months with these exact same advanced strategies he now shares and provides to other individuals and companies. When an individual or business wants to grow or scale their business with digital marketer, they go to Rudy.

If you are here for that same reason, or have a great idea, vision or business model that you need help to take to the next level and market correctly, you have come the right place…

What is the

ROI Mastermind & Mentoring Program?

The ROIMM was formed to provide motivated entrepreneurs with a mentor and advisor to take their business and revenue to the next level.

More often than not, business entrepreneurs make the same critical mistakes, from not knowing how to run positive ROI marketing campaigns, to connecting with the right people or focusing on the 80/20.

The ROIMM is designed to help tackle all these issues, from planning strategy, to helping you create successful ROI positive marketing campaigns or connecting you with vendors, affiliates or other vital connections that can totally transform your business and success in one single email.

The ROIMM is the only program available to actually work 1:1 with Rudy on a personal level and weekly basis – he will become part of your business and work with you to take your own business, revenue and success to an entirely new level.

Who’s the

ROI Mastermind & Mentoring Program

Suitable For?

  • Someone with a successful business that needs to take it to the next level, utilizing Rudy’s advanced marketing skills, connections and ability to see new revenue potential and sectors.
  • A company with funding that needs a digital marketing master to help them develop a marketing strategy.
  • A newer entrepreneur that has a vision or business model but needs help on how to start, how to scale or go from 6 figures to 7 or 8.
  • Someone who wants to learn advanced marketing systems, software, recruiting freelancers and more secrets that enabled Rudy to scale and grow a multi 7 figure business in months, not years.
  • Anyone who wants help getting connections with fitness celebrities, large organizations, marketers and other influences that could change their business overnight.

How does

the ROIMM work?

6 or 12 Months of Elite 1:1 Mentoring

The mastermind / mentoring lasts 1:1 with Rudy, allowing him to take you through multiple stages of growth, marketing campaigns, funnel creation and strategy.

Access to Rudy’s Elite Team

One highly unique part of this is you will have access to Rudy’s entire team at costs, giving you access to some of the top 1% of designers, marketers, website developers and funnel and growth hackers.

1:1 Private Access via Email

You will be one of the few people who get access to Rudy’s own personal inbox and get regular communications to troubleshoot ideas, go over issues, receive advice etc.

Regular Calls with Rudy

You will also have regular calls (2-3 per month) as required with Rudy where he will work with you on strategy, reviewing monthly goals, targets, helping you build Facebook ads, etc.

Access To Every System & Software

Rudy and his businesses spend over $10,000 per month alone in critical software and memberships, many of which have unlimited license keys. You will have access to all this software, that can easily save you 2000-3000$ per month or more depending on the size of your business. This will give you all the tools for an elite sales page, website or marketing funnel.

Work With Other Entrepreneurs

You will get connections, make friends and network with other mastermind members and many of Rudy’s clients, friends and entrepreneurs that can be vital business relationships, long-term friends and, in some cases, even future business partners.

Pricing / Fees

Rudy will discuss the exact packages and prices once your application is successful. As a rule of thumb, it works out at around $1500 per month depending what package and payment method you take. As mentioned above, you will easily earn this back with the savings on software, coaching, elite marketing, access to his team at costs, connections and ultimately, the new revenue you generate from Rudy’s advice and mentoring.

Application Requirements

  • Working full time on your own projects or business.
  • Working full time on your own projects or business.
  • Already making $100,000 per year or close.
  • Highly motivated, dedicated and you understand that you are responsible for your own success, achievements, lifestyle and earnings.
  • Willing to meet and achieve all the goals and projects Rudy works with you to set, so you maximize your investment. 


Spaces are limited as Rudy only ever works with a maximum of 10 people within one year. Please note, if accepted you will have 48 hours to make payment and confirm your place. Please be ready. To see if you qualify for a consultation call with Rudy, please answer the questions listed below:

Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. Testimonials show here are for examples only, and not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results may vary.