It’s Not A Unique Idea, It’s Not An Investment, It’s Not A Social Media Growth Hack, It’s Not Because You Don’t Have 1 Million Followers, It’s Not Because Of The Other 10 Excuses You Have In Your Head.




Now, If you don’t understand WHY it’s so important, or if you are sitting right there not knowing what a sales funnel is, don’t worry…

In the next 5 minutes I’m going to explain exactly what a funnel is…

In fact, I’m even going to explain how to craft the PERFECT funnel (Plus, I’m going to share with you my EXACT funnel that made over 2 million dollars in 2 years) AND…

How to create the PERFECT sales funnel in just 30 days or less…

It’s Not A Unique Idea, It’s Not An Investment, It’s Not A Social Media Growth Hack, It’s Not Because You Don’t Have 1 Million Followers, It’s Not Because Of The Other 10 Excuses You Have In Your Head.




Now, If you don’t understand WHY it’s so important, or if you are sitting right there not knowing what a sales funnel is, don’t worry…

In the next 5 minutes I’m going to explain exactly what a funnel is…

In fact, I’m even going to explain how to craft the PERFECT funnel (Plus, I’m going to share with you my EXACT funnel that made over 2 million dollars in 2 years) AND…

How to create the PERFECT sales funnel in just 30 days or less…

What is a sales funnel? why is it so important?

For any online business owner, a sales funnel is literally YOUR BUSINESS.

If you own a gym, your gym is your business, right?

Would you ever build a crappy gym, cut corners, try and build it yourself or hire some random handyman to try and build it for $1000?

If you are a smart entrepreneur then the chances are you would answer a firm NO.

Why? Because your gym is the backbone of your business, it’s the face, it’s the brand, it’s worth the investment and it’s what’s going to MAKE YOU MONEY.

Well, for any online business, or, any business in general that’s trying to sell a product online, your sales funnel is just like your gym, it’s the backbone of your business and 90% responsible for your long-term success!

Without it, you can’t sell, or you can only sell VERY INEFFICIENTLY and are leaving 90% of the money on the table…

Here’s what a sales funnel looks like…

Ok, so you should now understand that a sales funnel is vitally important but you may be wondering exactly what this mythical god-like key piece of the puzzle actually looks like.

Well, in short, the sales funnel describes the sequence of web pages that users view to buy your product.

The main part of this is a product or sales page, which is usually fairly long in size and has multiple sections selling your product and service (note, a sales page is NOT the same as a website homepage or standard website that doesn’t really do much ‘selling’).

Along with the main product page or sales page, the normal part of a HIGHLY CONVERTING and PROFITABLE sales page includes…

sales funnel
  • 1x Lead Magnet Page: Used to capture 100s of emails and leads by providing free value in the form of short reports, eBooks, guides, cheat sheets etc., so you can help more people and sell them your products and services.
  • 1x High Converting Sales Page: Your main sales page/product page, this requires the most work but is the most important part to actually make the sale!
  • 1x Single Page High Convert Checkout Page: This is where you take the payment once they click to buy and a high converting page can actually DOUBLE your profit!
  • 3x Upsells/Downsells: Now, Now, if you don’t know what this or have this, I’ll tell you right now, it’s going to DOUBLE your business. Your upsells and down-sells can add 100% MORE revenue, simply by selling more similar products post checkout!
  • 1x Thank You Page: The final page is where the products/services and any follow up information is provided, along with social media profiles and other ways to engage with your brand etc.

Here’s a visual representation of my actual sales funnel that made multiple 7 figures in 2 years…

So, You May Be Wondering If A Sales Funnel Is The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle In Your Business Or Entrepreneur Journey?

Well, If Any Of These Apply To You, I’m Confident That A New Well-Designed Sales Funnel Can Rapidly Scale Your Business, Services and Probably Change Your Life…

  • You have a great service or product, but, can’t seem to sell it on your site / social media.
  • You want to grow your social media platforms for FREE (I grew to over 1 million followers in less than 2 years!).
  • You know your brain is packed full of life-changing information but you’ve not been able to package it into a product/course or service and sell it to the masses.
  • You’ve been trying to make money online for a while but can never get traction or scale.
  • You want to build an online business that makes money while you sleep, travel, or work on other projects.
  • You want to become an online influencer, celebrity or expert in your space and help thousands of people!
  • You want to be able to SELL on AUTOPILOT without having to manually be selling in person or on the phone!
  • You want to make Facebook Ads, or another advertising platform, work for you and be profitable, so you can scale it up and get hundreds or thousands of new sales and customers each and every week!
  • You want to build a profitable empire and scale your business to new levels!
  • You want BOTH financial and lifestyle FREEDOM!

If one or more of these points sounds like you, then a sales funnel is a pinnacle part of what you need in your business.

It’s the key platform for success and will possibly be the biggest and best business move you EVER MAKE.

That’s a bold promise, I know, but the numbers and $ do not lie…

just look at my sales from selling fitness books costing around $15-50 in just 5 months…

Over 1 million $ in just 5 months…

Or, 400k in just ONE month!

But, it wasn’t always that way…

Probably just like you, before I had my own highly converting sales funnel I was trading my time for money. 

In fact, at 18 working as a personal trainer, it would have taken me 30 YEARS to earn what I did in just 30 DAYS!

Now, I own a multi-7 figure business, live in a penthouse in Florida with my dream sports car, a boat, travelling the world living my version of a perfect life.

I’m not telling you this to brag, but simply for you to understand this was ALL possible because I finally mastered marketing and copywriting and so built a PERFECT SALES FUNNEL.

I like to say, anything is possible when you open your mind and that couldn’t be more true, especially if you have a highly converting sales funnel to market your product/service!

I know how life-changing it can be to have a system that SELLS for you…

Apart from totally changing my own life and making me millions of dollars, it’s also helped me transform the lives of thousands of my customers and fans around the world.

 Something that, despite a master’s degree and 10 years of experience, would simply not have been possible without a well-designed sales funnel.

You see, a sales funnel doesn’t only benefit you and your business; it actually HELPS your customers, moving them through the logical sequence they need to see the desired end result, while also giving them tremendous value and loving you in the process!

After the success of my own funnels and marketing, literally blowing past people that I used to idolize and look up to, I had dozens of people reaching out to ME to help them do the exact same thing.

Fast forward to the present day and I now help hundreds of people around the world build and scale their own sales funnels and make money from them.

I’ve helped virtually everyone, from large 8 figure brands to Movie Stars, Elite Athletes, Pro Bodybuilders all the way from clients like those to start-up 18 year old entrepreneurs or new personal trainers trying to quit their gym job; … and just about everyone else in between.

I love being able to help OTHER entrepreneurs bring their passion and ideas to LIFE, helping change their lives and the lives of thousands of other people in the process.

That’s why I now offer this done-for-you service, which will take you from stage 1, the ‘idea’ phase all the way to owning a LIVE elite sales funnel in just 30 days.

imagine how your life would change if you had your own elite sales funnel live in just 30 days…

Until now, that sort of speed and DONE – FOR – YOU package would literally be impossible for anyone who wasn’t an expert in sales funnels and marketing and willing to dedicate 3 + years to learn the process, spending tens of thousands of dollars on mentors, seminars, courses and books in the process…

 (In fact, I flew over 50 times in one year and have spent over $100,000 in seminars, events and courses to learn all of this!)

Just like when I started, if you don’t do this, you WILL waste time, money and then quit (it took me 5 years of failing to finally reach some level of success!)

In fact, most people I know would waste months trying to craft their product/service, then, weeks trying to write out all the sales copy, or, about $5000 – $10,000 to have it done for them (the actual text that goes on the page – this makes up 50% of a successful funnel!).

Then finally, a few more weeks and a few more thousands of dollars trying to get the whole thing designed and coded to actually transform it into a usable site.

After 3 to 6 months and about $10,000, you may be lucky enough to have a half decent sales funnel.


‘Half decent’ isn’t going to cut it if you want to grow and scale this baby like I did.

Or if you want to run Facebook ads to it so you can actually make money each and every day while you sleep, travel the world, spend time with your family, or simply do anything else you enjoy.

so you really have two options…

Option 1, try it yourself, outsource it or hire random people online or your buddy who’s a ‘website developer’ and has no idea what a funnel even is.


Or Option 2, you hire experts, that have years of experience and a PROVEN model.

Now, I know it may seem logical, but I’ve seen dozens of friends and hundreds of my fans take option one!

Tired, frustrated, broke and desperate, they would come to me for help…

Sadly, it was just TOO LATE for them.


Most of the time my answer was simply, “I’m really sorry, but this website or sales funnel simply won’t work and you need to re-build it to cover X, Y and Z”.

This was really painful for me to say, knowing the blood, sweat and money they had just spent on it like I did when I first started, but, I guarantee it was 10x worse for them to hear…

After I had this go on for months, I decided enough was enough and opened up my elite team of staff to actually start building OTHER PEOPLE’S sales funnel for them.


100% DONE – FOR – YOU.

In 30 days or less…


Best of all, it’s based on my EXACT FUNNEL that did MILLIONS OF DOLLARS $ IN SALES!

Best of all, it’s based on my EXACT FUNNEL that did MILLIONS OF DOLLARS $ IN SALES!

Of course, the results people started to get were like nothing anyone had seen before and blew away all their old sales funnels or website that were made by ‘website developers’ that had no clue about marketing, sales copy, paid traffic, Facebook ads, sales funnels, upsells, downsells, order bumps, AOVs, LTVs etc. 

But, don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what 3 of my clients, (who, incidentally, just had their sales funnels built last month), have to say …


That’s our promise and if you feel a sales funnel could be beneficial for you, your brand, business and services, I would love to help!


Well, we don’t work with just anyone and, quite frankly, we want to ensure you are the PERFECT fit so we both WIN and love working together.

So, first you need to apply for a FREE strategy call below to get the process started.

In this FREE Strategy call, you will work 1-1 with myself or my team, where we normally charge $500 just for this 1-1 call to craft the perfect product/service and funnel around your story, your customers and niche.

In this call, you will leave with TONS of valuable strategy and information, EVEN IF WE DON’T ACCEPT YOU or, if you decide not to work with us.

Now, I’m sure you understand my time’s precious, especially as I’m running 4 multi-7 figure businesses, with dozens of employees and clients.

So, before you book, you will need to match the following criteria, this saves us both some time out the gate…

Be dedicated and passionate about growing your business using a sales funnel.

Have a high-quality product and service that actually works (we will only work with genuine people that can actually help people!)

Can commit to being an action taker and have the time to grow this business/service with the help of their new sales funnel.

Understand that, while the sales funnel gives you the platform, it won’t work magic without a little hard work and some form of traffic (from your social media platforms, in-person business, network, email list) or, if you don’t have any of that, be ready to set up some paid traffic with Rudy’s help on Facebook ads or another ad platform such as Instagram or YouTube.

And finally

Be willing to INVEST in your future, both financially and personally!

After all, any physical business, such as a gym wasn’t built in a day or built for $100.

You’ve got to invest a small amount of yourself and a small amount of money in this, but, luckily for you, in order for us to build you an elite sales funnel it is around 80% cheaper than the average cost of a website that LOSES you money…

Plus, it’s way cheaper than a $50,000 college loan and saves you about 3 years and 11 months of your life 😉

Now, you may be thinking why – are we so much better than a normal website agency?

 Well, simply because we are BETTER, MUCH BETTER.

In fact, we are so efficient at creating funnels, after doing hundreds over the years, we can do them in 20% of the time while making it 10x better than your average funnel or website builder.

Bold statement, but, our results and track record speak for themselves.

So, still interested and match all the criteria above?

If so, and if you are ready to 10x your business and life, apply below for your FREE strategy call with Rudy or his team, usually costing $500!

apply for your free strategy call
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About Rudy and ROI Machines

ROI Machines is founded by Rudy Mawer, an established international entrepreneur, and expert marketer who has successfully built multi-million dollar businesses. He presents around the world at conferences and events and is the CEO of 4 companies along with being a Forbes Agency Partner. He is well know as the world’s top Facebook advert experts within the health, fitness and weight loss industry and spends millions of dollars per year with Facebook ads across his own businesses and his agency, all providing a positive ROI. 

Rudy was awarded an Extraordinary Individual visa by the US government for his specific skills in this niche and now consults for many of the world’s leading fitness organizations, celebrities, public figures, Ecommerce stores, supplement companies and more. He has built and ran many successful marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar fitness companies and, in many cases, provided a 10 times return for their investment or increased their total profit or income by up to 1000%.

ROI Machines now comprises of an elite marketing team that focus on creating educational content and working as a agency to run the marketing and business behind the scenes for many of the top brands, celebrities and authority figures you see on a daily basis. They specialize in Facebook ads, Launches and full funnel creation and optimization with the focus on providing a win-win relationship and positive ROI within 30 days. ROI Machines is available on an application basis to help you scale and grow your business, coming in and running your marketing and product launches for you, often taking a small percentage of revenue with no risk on your part. One of the unique aspects of working with ROI Machines is they are ran by world class marketers AND entrepreneurs / business owners that understand the growth and pains of running a business. Each and every client of ROI Machines is family and we treat each business like it’s our own, creating a long and sustainable platform that we can all benefit from, while helping thousands of customers and achieving worldwide domination for you or your business in your specific niche. Whether you are just starting out or an already established 7 or 8 figure business, ROI Machines can help you scale up and grow with our advanced techniques you will not find anywhere else online. Feel free to browse the site and get in touch if you want to learn more about how our agency works.


Rudy and his team are in a class of their own. They use all the latest techniques to create stunning and modern high-conversion sales funnels. I felt like my product truly came to life after seeing their work and I cannot wait to work again with them in the future

Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. Testimonials show here are for examples only, and not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results may vary.