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Recently Asked Questions

The account is run by Rudy and the exec team. Unlike most agencies, Rudy has a personal input in ALL accounts, from all aspects of scaling, budgeting, copy, set up and strategy. Day to day, the ad account is run by our head of media buying, who also has years of experience and a proven track record, spending millions. Rudy runs multiple calls per week with his exec team, going specifically over strategy, ideas and implementation for each account to ensure you get the best ROI and scale.

For day-to-day communication, you will be working with our operations manager Frank, who is also well-versed in marketing, with his own funnels and personal experience with 6 figure launches and 7 figure funnels.

All of our exec team are previous business owners, entrepreneurs and A level players in their specific niche and are around daily, often in the evenings and at night to give you a level of service that no normal agency (and most staff) can provide. As needed, you will also work with our other exec team members, for example, if there is a big tech question or issue, our head of tech will step in.

Due to Rudy and our exec team’s experience in the marketing space, we’ve served hundreds of clients in dozens of industries. We’ll always be honest if we have experience or not, as we understand it’s vitally important to cut the learning curve and scale you up fast. We have worked in new spaces, but, only if we feel we can apply our proven strategies and techniques successfully into that industry.

With that being said, we have an extremely high level of experience and confidence in these 5 niches and have worked and scaled multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses in:

  • 1 E-commerce, especially supplements or similar products.
  • 2 Lower ticket ebooks, info product or courses, especially to cold traffic (Rudy did millions himself here before growing his agency).
  • 3 High-ticket coaching, high-ticket courses, masterminds or events
  • 4 Webinar funnels
  • 5 SAAS or Recurring Revenue models

The ethos of our agency is to be an elite one-stop shop for all your marketing needs; this drastically improves the flow and turnaround time, reduces stress and improves consistency, ultimately leading to the success of your entire marketing strategy.

Rudy formed the agency to deliver exactly this, based on both a need for (or total lack of) this service when he scaled his own business to multiple-million and found he was spending his days managing the strategy, ads, multiple agencies or staff.

In short, we provide the following, all at a very high level, all in-house, run by experts in their specific skill.

  • 1 High-level strategy, big-vision planning and high level of experience scaling dozens of businesses from 7 to 8 figures and beyond.
  • 2 FB, Google and YouTube ads.
  • 3 Weekly CRO, Strategy, implementation and data analysis.
  • 4 Full front end coding, set up, and Tech Support
  • 5 Full Web Page Development and Design, from the basic idea to fully live and tested.
  • 6 Full management of email marketing, automations, email copy and management.
  • 7 Extremely high-level Copywriting, copy strategy and optimization
  • 8 Full set up and CRM management (Infusionsoft, AC, Aweber, MailC, Klaviyo, etc.)
  • 9 Messenger Ad build + implementation
  • 10 Full design of all pages, social media graphics and ads.
  • 11 Full video editing of ad videos, content videos, VSL, etc.
  • 12 Webinar pages, full launch and scripts.
  • 13 Full data analysis and presentation
  • 14 Weekly reporting, high-level project management and ops management for less stress, more efficiency and better results.

We have a very streamlined and systemized onboarding process to achieve two things:

  • 1 Full takeover and ownership of the accounts, strategy, funnels etc. within the first week, so there is no lag time between your old agency or team.
  • 2 An efficient way (onboarding form + group exec strategy call) to obtain all the current information we need to excel, including your funnel details, logins, avatar, goals for next 30, 60, 90 and 365 days and more.
  • 3 If needed, we will have 1-2 more calls in the first 10 days, and, in specific cases when asked, Rudy will even fly in for 2 days to map out the entire strategy.

As we are a full stack agency, we focus on multiple different KPI. Of course, we focus on the key media buying side, such as amount spent, profit, ROAS, cost per sale, cost per lead, clicks, cost per click etc. Additionally, we often also report revenue from other efforts, as appropriate, emails, affiliates, organic, etc. Finally, we track less revenue-focused, yet nonetheless important metrics such as funnels, copy, website work, other work, etc.

The weekly reports are provided every Monday, and they are designed to summarize everything in an easily digestible manner, with wins, struggles, next steps, this week’s plan, what else we need from you, content/video ideas for you, etc. This weekly report also contains a summary of stats, and a link to your data dashboard that shows all the data and graphs you could want or need.

We want to be seen as your front end tech team and marketing team. Ideally, we don’t want to be rebuilding servers or making custom plugins (although we have, and we’ll do what is needed to reach the end goal). With that being said, we have a team of 7 developers, so can handle 99% of issues in a very reliable and swift manner, normally same day or next day (emergencies are handled instantly, of course).

To serve you best, we will handle all the front end coding, building pages, new websites as needed, opt-ins, etc, along with integrating them, testing, setting up emails, CRM, etc. Other tech jobs can be handled and taken over, but just understand it may slow down other key parts of the tech side (such as a new funnel build), so we ask you to treat our resources like your own teams and use 80/20 decision-making when you send requests/ideas.

We are here to be the strategy and the CMO (although most companies have great CMOs we work with) of your company, so we will provide clear actionable content that we need from you, in cases where we can’t produce it. For the most part, this is only video content, as most of the other content we can write.

As most of our team are entrepreneurs, we understand how busy you are, so, we do our best to support that, with clear weekly actionable steps, lists of videos we need, and even scripts as needed.

We believe success comes from multiple facets, as we are coming in to not only grow the business from a revenue standpoint, but to actually help you grow from a branding, strategy and infrastructure standpoint.

Of course, with the name ‘ROI’ Machines, a key focus is to drive revenue and ROI. We believe that increased profits, sales and growth give more opportunity to work on the rest, so, that is always a key focus. Our aim is to provide a positive ROI and scale your business within 30 – 90 days. This number varies depending on your starting point, ads, funnels and brand equity.

On one extreme, we’ve come in and helped businesses make 330k in less than a week or help scale businesses to 7 figures in a year. Now, on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve started with new brands that are heavily invested startups, where it will take 30 days just to build out their website, funnels, copy, design, tech etc.; in cases like these sales won’t realistically start until month two.

As we mainly work with larger brands at 1 million +, we can normally be making sales in week or month one, scaling you up really comes down to how strong your foundations are. If you need a lot of work to be successful, we’ll do it, if not, we’ll focus purely on ROI, scaling, ROAS and optimization. Either way, the beauty of our agency and this relationship is you can trust we will take care of whatever is needed, to scale you up.

In terms of results, we’ve got dozens which are viewable on our main website, and we’ve helped numerous brands scale from 7 figures to 8, and beyond.

Nothing. We are 100% in-house and want full ownership and control of the entire marketing department, strategy and execution. I’m a massive believe in culture, and hand curate the team to all be experts in their own space, so we can give you the best possible service and results.

We’ll often run several funnels at a time for our clients, as most of them are 7 or 8 figures in size and have multiple revenue streams contributing to that.

As mentioned, we’ve got a large team and strong systems to handle multiple funnels, revenue streams and even businesses. Yes, in some cases, we’ll even run two businesses under one 10k retainer/account for the client until they are both at a point where it’s fair and needed to split into 2x 10k retainers.

We run weekly split tests as needed, and, the plus side is we handle it all: from idea, to strategy, to copy, build out, new traffic and data analysis / next steps. Of course, some split tests can require more than a week, but, rest assured, we live and breath strategy, CRO, optimization, etc.

This is all set up correctly, heat mapped, monitored and the data is analyzed to find clear trends, which we can then further double down on.

Obviously these times can vary, but in our experience (and our clients’), we are actually faster than most internal teams and certainly faster than other agencies.

Below is a rough list of timelines; of course, it can vary depending on the client’s review (e.g. if you take 2 days to list edits, add 2 days), and any unforeseen delays if plugins conflict, payment processors lock us out, logins are wrong.

  • 1
    Taking over an account – within 3-5 days.
  • 2
    New Ads – normally within 24 hours.
  • 3
    Calls/email replies – same day, often right away or within a couple of hours.
  • 4
    Copy – 3-5 days, often less, depending on scope.
  • 5
    Design – usually within 48 hours, sometimes the same day.
  • 6
    Webpage builds – 3-4 days, plus 1-2 days to integrate, test, QA
  • 7
    Full Funnels – 14-21 days (depending on edits, scope, length etc.)
  • 8
    Emergencies – Instantly (even at 3am if needed)
  • 9
    Random tasks – (e.g.. Embedding call calendar on a thank-you page) – usually same day, if it’s non urgent or not live, it can be 2-3 days.

We are a boutique agency working with a select few high-end clients. We don’t have 50 different clients to 12 employees like most, in fact, our client to staff ratio is 1-1 or better. We also have a very strong exec team, that are all extremely experienced, entrepreneurial and on competitive 6 figure salaries.

We invest in our team and department leads, to give our clients a truly personalized full stack marketing experience that is better than most internal full-time teams or several other agencies combined.

In summary, at our current size and in 2019, we stay under 15 clients with 20 staff, making it very personal, plus, most of our team do the work of 3 normal people.

People often ask, how can you financially do this because we actually offer around $20,000 to $40,000 worth of services per month when you separate out the cost of multiple agencies or 4-5 staff.

In short, we have other revenue share clients (33-50%) (olympic athletes, celebrities, etc.) that provide a large income, this buffer allows us to provide a lower cost for our most stable entrepreneur clients. Plus, some of our long-term term clients have gone on to pay us more than $10,000 per month due to amazing results and ROIs exceeding 20 or 30x their monthly retainer cost.

Ultimately, we also know that if we offer amazing value to start with, and prove our worth and skills, scale you up by 6 or 7 figures a month, then we can grow together, all benefit and you will probably increase our retainer to 15k or 20k a month one day. We focus on value and results first, then discuss how we can both grow.

Most of our clients have their own internal marketing manager, CMO, multiple agencies or even a full in-house team. We work flawlessly with these teams and always have; whether it’s just a marketing manager or a team of 20, we can fit and become a support/management of your current team.

If you just have a project/marketing manager, we are a perfect fit to replace the need for building out a team of 4-5 employees or agencies to do the job (copywriter, funnel builder, FB media buyer, google/YT buyer, designer, etc.) that would take far longer, and cost far more than hiring us.

If you already have a full team, or, some elements of the team, we can help to come in and maximize their work, help manage them and accelerate results with our very high-level strategy, copy and media buying expertise that most employees don’t have.

As I like to say, let’s face it, if your marketing team are at our level, they are probably running their own agency or earning 20k a month as a contractor. Of course, you’ll have unicorns that are rockstars working for 70k a year, but, that is very rare and not scalable. As great as your team may be, there is probably a bottle neck or they are full on current projects.

We can probably help them move the needle faster, work on other key projects that get pushed to the side, or focus on the 80/20 and strategy they really need, and use them to support our efforts so we all grow faster and benefit.

Plus, if you are a multi-million $ business or more, you will likely need your internal team to manage daily projects, with us doing the heavy duty 80/20 on the front end, direct response marketing side.

Either way, we’ll fit with your team, CMO, project manager, or, if it’s just you, we’ll work directly with you. As nice as building a team out can be, it’s very hard and time consuming, plus, it’s close to impossible to building out a team of our level and size for less than 50k a month, 5x our retainer.

(If you do have other agencies or contractors you wish to phase out, this is also common and we’ll take over their responsibilities in week/month one, saving you a lot of time, energy and ultimately making you more money with less stress and far less time/hassle).

I believe the two most important aspects of an online business is the copy and media buying. If you have amazing copy that converts, then, amazing unlimited traffic, you are unstoppable.

For this reason, I placed tremendous emphasis on building out an amazing team of copywriters and media buyers, all on 6 figure salaries and at a world-class level. You would be paying close to our retainer alone to hire these rockstars, and the quality is second to none.

As for the amount of copy and what type, we handle everything except content (such as ebook content). For example, we will write all the sales pages, opt-ins, emails, webinars, home pages, video scripts, webinar scripts, etc.

At this point, we can handle all mainstream tech and many of the more unique softwares, plugins or apps. We have a strong team of 7 developers, including back and front end developers that can often get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely.

We are strong on best practices and keeping your live environment safe, with a strong tech team, decades of combined experience using marketing focused software and builders. We often build and test everything pre-launch on our own server, a test server or, if you’ve got your own tech team, build it all and send the files for your team to set live.

We have extensive experience in all of these platforms and more:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Clickfunnels
  • Lead pages
  • Woocommerce
  • Sam Cart
  • Everwebinar
  • Thrive
  • Paypal/Stripe and other payment processors
  • Infusionsoft
  • All other CRMS: ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Aweber, Klayvio, etc

The contract length is month to month, or 30 days. We do this as, unlike other agencies, we want to work in a win-win environment where we both love the relationship and are benefiting. If at any point this stops and doesn’t get fixed, we believe we should both be able to stop and not be locked into a 90-day term, etc.

Additionally, we are also entrepreneurial and want to put our money where our mouth is, staying accountable, ROI and goal-oriented every day. We know how this works, the more profitable you are and the more you enjoy this partnership, the longer you will stay with us and the more people you will refer our way; so, that is our key focus, today, tomorrow, and every day going forward.

Now, with all that being said, we do ask for a handshake agreement where you will give us at least 60 days to prove our strategy, worth and results, especially if your marketing and funnels are currently ‘a mess’ and need a lot of TLC or re-builds to get them profitable and scale.

Additionally, we ask for fair expectations – if you know this space, you will know a high quality funnel is a couple of weeks work from start to finish (copy, design, build, integration) and not a couple of days. We also ask you to accept that if you’ve never ran a facebook ad or tested your funnel, it’s not going to scale to 100k profit in month one – it takes testing, optimization and work, which we will do, but, new funnels can take a couple of months to be really kicking and at scale.

Legally, we can’t guarantee a set of results, and, as we take control of the entire business, we can simply make projections and goals, like you could, or, like you would with an investment panel.

Additionally, there are also too many variables before we’ve really started, dove into the data, tested everything for a few weeks and got a true feel for the business to know how fast it will grow.

However, what we can say is that we will do our very best to drive you a positive ROI and scale you up; as mentioned throughout, our main focus is growing your business, as we know we will all grow.

Ultimately, there is never a guarantee unless we are taking equity in the business, but we have proven systems, strategies, experience, case studies, hundreds of results and an elite team that few agencies can rival, especially as a full stack service at our price, that makes us extremely confident in being the right choice to grow your business.

We don’t generally offer revenue share for several reasons explained below.

Firstly, when we do actually do the very occasional revenue share, it is with a minimum requirement for us to be taking at least 33% of the total business revenue, and, because we love to work with successful entrepreneurs and brands that are already doing 7 figures +, that usually isn’t feasible.

Next, unlike a media-buying company that take 10% or so, we have tens of thousands in payroll every month to have the elite, and large team we need to provide this unique full stack service, as I’m sure you understand.

Therefore, unless the business is already making millions per month, a small % isn’t going to be sufficient to guarantee we can cover our expenses and create a mutually beneficial relationship that we all love and is fair for me, and our team.

Finally, I also believe that the % of spend or revenue model is flawed over the long term.

For example, in some cases, when we are spending 500k a month and taking 10% or 50k of it, we know ultimately in these circumstances, you would aim to switch media teams or bring it in-house, after all of our hard work scaling the account.

We don’t want to be pushed out and lose relationships we love by price, as we aim to build a long-lasting partnership that runs for months and years, not 3 months while we scale you.

Ultimately, at our relatively low retainer, we are still taking a big risk in month one or two with clients – so we are both mutually invested in making this work. In the first 60 days, we spend so much time planning, onboarding and building funnels, copy, etc., that, if it doesn’t work out after 2 months, we’ve probably made zero net profit and contributed hundreds of hours that is now wasted.

Unlike some agencies who are churn and burn, it hurts us a lot in the rare instances these partnerships end in the first 3 months, so you can trust that if we take you on, we are all mutually invested in growth, ROI, profit and a win-win scenario.

We are entrepreneurs, therefore, we are fast, precise and system-oriented. We are very quick to take over and start, once you commit and sign up, as we know time is money and that a week in your business can already be behind or losing tens of thousands.

Unlike most agencies, we work until late, we work until the project is done and live (which may be 3am) we work weekends and can make a lot happen in 3-4 days that most agencies would take 3 weeks to do.

If you started today, we have a set process to start fast and set it up for success.

Firstly, you will review and sign the contract, we will do an intro strategy call with the full exec team.

Within the next 3 days of the call/form, we will design a full 90 day road map that is very in-depth and lays out exactly what we are doing for the next 3 months, with 30, 60, 90 day goals, a wireframe/layout of your funnels, how the ads/marketing will be run, etc.

This will give you a clear picture of what needs to be done, how it’ll look, and why we are working on these aspects, in these stages.

Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. Testimonials show here are for examples only, and not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results may vary.