Email Marketing – Make Money While You Sleep

Automated Fitness Email Marketing

Learn how to make tens of thousands per year while you sleep (seriously) and make thousands of dollars with these automated email campaigns & email marketing course.

(cast studies, examples and step-by-step guides included!)

What You Will Learn:

  • Step-by-step breakdown of building an automated email campaign and what online software to use.
  • Case study examples of how myself or other companies that have used automated email sequences to generate thousands of dollars in revenue while they sleep.
  • How to automate your whole email process so you can literally sit back and watch the money come in.
  • How to capture thousands of emails per week with Facebook adverts!
  • Why email marketing is a million dollar marketing solution you need to be using.

Price is listed in USD / American, this equates to around £14 British Pounds or $24 Canadian / Australian Dollars, you can use your credit/debit card regardless of your location in the world and it will convert it for you. You can also pay via Paypal, the most secure payment system in the world.

The entire plan is provided instantly in downloadable PDF’s / Ebooks and videos (just like a word document). It can be accessed worldwide, regardless of location, including USA, UK, Australia etc. All plans are easily viewable on mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. All plans/ebooks can also be printed out very easily, just like a word document. All graphs and results/case studies cited above can be backed proven with scientific literature on request.

This price is a one-off fee with absolutely no recurring payments. You will get access to every ebook above forever.

Results are not typical. Success is dependent on multiple factors. Testimonials show here are for examples only, and not a guarantee of return on investment. Your results may vary.