How To Attract Local Clients With Facebook Adverts

As you will likely know, I consider Facebook to be one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the planet.

It allows you to specifically target a local audience, based on location / zip code / postcode, while also being able to filter by age, gender, specific interests and financial status / income.

Here are the simple steps you can apply today to make that happen.

1) Go to Facebook Ads Manager

2) Click On Create Advert

3) Select Objective of ad (what type of ad/what you’re promoting)

As you can see there are a range of options from boosting your posts to promoting your page. Many of these will work, as long as you target the right location and audience.

For now, as our main objective is reaching local people, we will choose the third one down on the first list under awareness. However, I will note that some other types such as ‘Boost Post’, ‘Video Views’ and ‘Increase Conversions’ can also work very well.

4) Choosing Location

It will then provide you with a geographical map of where you are currently located. If you are not in your desired advertising location, you can simply search the city , zip code or area/postcode.

From here, it will ask for your desired radius, for example 10, 20, 30, 40KM. Think about this carefully, is someone going to drive 30KM just for a gym, probably not.

Would someone drive 30KM once a week to have 1:1 training with a fantastic personal trainer; yes some certainly would.

5) Who do we want to target?

Now, we can get more specific, focusing on aspects such as gender, age and interests.

As you are limiting yourself to a specific and small area, it’s best to keep the audience fairly broad, such as fitness and nutrition-related, rather than limiting it to 1 or 2 specific brands or fitness celebs, as I would normally recommend.

You may not know, but as I teach in my Facebook Mastery Course, the ideal audience size is around 500,000 – 3 million. Obviously this may not be possible for a 10KM area; however, you want to keep the potential reach as high as possible, while, of course, also being sufficiently specific.

I normally recommend detail targeting by entering details here such as Fitness Celebs, supplement brands, fitness magazines etc.

However, it may be best to target more general interests as shown below, such as bodybuilding or dieting etc.

As we continue we will get more detailed information on the audience we want to target; you can also learn a lot more in my other articles and Email Marketing program.

Socio Economic Status:

Depending on the cost of your product and service, another important feature that makes a big difference in conversion rates and the success of your campaign is the wealth of your targeted audience.

If you’re targeting people with no or low income for a $400 per month personal training package, it may not go so well.

If you have a high-end gym, charging $100 + per month, you may want to try to isolate individuals earning over $50,000 per year.

In contrast, if you have a low-cost budget gym at $19.99 per month, you may want to do the exact opposite, or simply not set a financial income.

For your local area, Facebook can actually allow you to determine the social economic status of potential clients with several categories, including:

Job Title – People input job titles on profiles giving an indication of their income, e.g. those with titles such as CEO’s, Founders, Doctors and so on.

These people have an increased chance of purchasing what you’re selling simply because they can!

Education – The majority of people online state their education level (degree, master’s degree, PhD etc.), these factors are a perfect indication of whether they have a high-paying job or even if they were “born into income”.

Living area – The living area is also stated in the majority of Facebook users’ profiles.

As these are local clients, you yourself should be aware of the economics within your city, highlighting the classy and expensive areas, with the expensive real estate, private schools, restaurants, designer shops etc.

Likes – The page likes or interests of clients is clearly visible to the public and Facebook has no issue exploiting this information.

Likes such as luxury cars/houses, big companies and expensive clothing/accessory lines also indicate the lifestyle one may have. For example, you could target high-end jewellery such as Rolex, cars such as Mercedes or Ferrari, Golf equipment, designer clothing etc.

6) Budget

The beauty of Facebook is it allows you to start TODAY, with as little as $5 per day. Of course, I’m not saying you should only spend $5. After all, if it works, the more you spend the faster you grow and the more you make.

I spend well over $1000 per day, which, for a small business, is fairly high, but my return on investment is in line with my advert spend. In other words, the more I spend, the more I earn back and the faster my business grows (remember, time is money).

With that being said, I may only spend $10-20 per advert and, rather than just having 2 or 3 adverts, I have dozens.

This way, Facebook will see you are on a budget and give you cheap leads. If you spend $100 per day, it will probably just charge you more. I’ve always found lots of small adverts with low budgets, $8-20 are best, especially when starting out and testing.

7) Publishing /Creating

This is where you get the chance to create the advert you want, love and ultimately, what will convert.

Images are heavily advantageous to give a lasting impression and engagement such as clicks, likes and shares. Of course, the image should be relevant to your service, such as someone working out or a picture of you, training a client, or of your gym, etc.

This will make or break your campaign and your success. You must test several images and see what converts best. I always create 3-5 campaigns which are exactly the same, with the only difference being the image.

After 48 hours, I will cancel any that do not convert well. Usually, 1 or 2 will be converting way better than the rest.

Remember, only 20% of your image can be text, so I would skip the text completely or keep it short and to the point.

You’ll also be given an option under this for the text of your advert. This should also generate the same qualities as your image and match it in many ways.

You must clarify what the advert is showing, what the website and service is and provide some brief information.

The advert ‘copy’ or text is also vital and there are whole books written on this one topic alone.

For that reason, I won’t go into too much in depth. Instead, think of something that will make people stop and engage with your advert.

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