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ROI M Project Manager / Client Manager 

Are you a digital marketer and experienced project manager / client manager with experience in the FB ad and marketing world?

Are you looking for an opportunity to join an entrepreneurial team of world-class marketers that run one of the fastest-growing full-stack marketing agencies in the world?

Are you willing to think outside the box, use logical thinking, see 5 steps into the future and able to find a solution in order to get hundreds of ongoing tasks done error free, on time, no matter what?

Most importantly… are you ready to join a fast-paced environment that moves 10x faster than normal businesses, built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, supporting entrepreneurs in their quest to grow 8 or 9 figure businesses?

If the answer is yes, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime that you’ve been waiting for…

ROI Machines is a high-end, boutique digital marketing agency and we’re looking for a motivated, self-reliant client and project manager. 

In this role, you will be responsible for handling 15 clients that all have 10-20 ongoing tasks. As you can see, 15 tasks x 15 is over 200 moving parts, so amazing attention to detail, memory and ability to work in that sort of ‘messy’ environment is needed.

Your role is to be the central brain or glue to the agency. You need to make sure everything the client gives us is tasked out and most importantly, ACTIONED within given timeline.

This job needs a very unique person with a very strong personality that can hold people accountable no matter what, while being able to juggle 100s of tasks at one time. It is a full time role and weekends / evenings are required.

You also need to understand funnels, flows, big picture parts of a funnel (how its made from strategy, copy, tech, design, Fb ad, data etc) and connect all those 5-6 steps with the teams and department. If you don’t know an upsell is or a webinar page, you won’t manage in this role. 

You MUST have 2+ years experience in this role and not for a normal marketing agency that does SEO – that is NOT THE SAME!

You will work directly with Rudy Mawer, a self-made 2x 7 figure business owner by 27 and one of the biggest names in both the fitness AND digital marketing space.

You could be the person we’re looking for if you meet ALL of these requirements:

– At least 2 years experience in the online marketing world.

– At least 2 years experienced working as a client, operations and project manager for fast paced entrepreneurs.

– A good understanding of digital marketing metrics and how digital marketing agencies deliver results for their clients. If you don’t know what a funnel is, you probably won’t be a fit.

– Done your research on and can clearly articulate what we’re about, what we do, and who our clients are

– Must understand all aspects of digital marketing at a basic level – strategy, copywriting, funnel building, email automation, FB ads

– Use to Monday, Asana, Trello, etc, and be able to run 100s of tasks error free, even when working 12 hour days and feeling overwhelmed. 

– Have basic entrepreneurial traits, including high-level logical thinking and problem solving. 

– Extremely professional and able to work under very strict deadlines when called upon

– Be ready to join a team, make exec calls, team calls, and partake in personal development. This role isn’t for someone looking for the freelance life where you work when you want or feel like it — you will be part of a growing team and thriving team environment.

– You must be committed to this and treat like your own full time business. 

The position is full time 40+ hours and the idea is you will work as a project manager working with the CEO Rudy, and CMO to save time for us all. Ultimately, we really need someone super organized who is ready to step in and do whatever is needed in this support role. 

 Eventually, if you are experienced and as the company grows and new positions open, there will be opportunity to move up the ranks into operations director, marketing director etc, – the sky is the limit and possibility to make 10k a month me in the first 12 months is very possible if you are amazing.

  If you’re successful, here’s what you get:

– Chance to work directly with Rudy Mawer, a digital marketing expert who has made millions online and in sales and is paid thousands for his expert advice, mindset and skills.

– Access to thousands of $ worth of ROI machines courses completely FREE, these courses have helped people make millions of dollars.

– Access to additional personal development material, provided by the company free of charge on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.

– Stable and full time role for years, with amazing culture and options.

– Amazing progression, as we are a newer faster growing company, with the possibility to get into a management role and 6 figure earning.

– Long-term full-time role with a driven, tight-knit  team that’s hungry and motivated to grow to a 100 million $ business.

Basic Info:

Hours: Full Time 40+ Hours

Term: Longterm, 1-2 years or more

Pay: Around 60-80k per year 5-7k per month – depending on experience, then $20-25 per hour depending on skills and results. Bonuses also based on growth and your role.

Now, if you think you are the ideal candidate for this role, please apply on


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