9 Ways To Obtain New Clients This Week

If you are a personal trainer, fitness professional or anyone in a related industry, then obtaining new clients is going to make or break your business.

Eventually, the ability to expand and grow is what will separate you from the competition. Even if you can only handle so many clients per week, having a waiting list allows you to charge more, hire other trainers and employees and build your business into something unique.

Here are 9 ways to obtain a new client this week.

9) Run Facebook advertisement campaigns

As you will probably know, I firmly believe that running Facebook adverts is literally going to change your business, income and life.

For small companies and personal trainers it is a very effective way to get thousands of eyes on your business, product and services, all for 0.01 – 0.10 cent per click.

The simplicity of creating your advert campaign means you don’t need to be an experienced digital marketer and, if you follow my XXXXXX you could start driving 100s of new potential clients within 24 hours!

Facebook allows for extremely detailed targeting, so you can narrow your audience by location (if you are a local business and not online) as well as filtering their interests / likes so you know all traffic and inquiries are extremely interested in your product and service.

I could write about the benefits of Facebook marketing all day; however, if you do want to learn more about Facebook Marketing you can learn more on this page: ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈

8) Create programs/guides

Creating free programs or guides gives tremendous value to a customer, while evidencing your skills and knowledge.

These guides and programs can be made in just one day and remain valuable for months and months. In fact, guides play a crucial role in my 6 figure marketing funnel series as part of XXXXXXX

I’ve personally created numerous guides over the years to drive 1000s of sales, capture tens of thousands of emails and more.

The best part? These guides are still as great today as they were the very first day I made them.

These can be low-cost, purchased guides or free; although, when trying to obtain new clients, it’s best to offer free products as clients will then get a taste, so to speak, of what value you are going to provide them with in the future.

Remember if it’s something they think is of fantastic value, then you’ve more than likely obtained a new client and life-long fan. DO NOT spend 2 hours making this terrible cheat-sheet. ALWAYS give incredible value.

Remember, even if you haven’t profited at that point in time, your chances of making money in the future and of enhancing your reputation are greatly increased.

Provide value before anything else.

7) Provide valuable content for FREE

This leads me onto point 7, which basically means that if your FREE content is worth paying for then your actual products and service MUST be worth paying for.

In other words, if your free blog posts, guides and posts on social media are amazing, then people are going to trust that your actual paid content is EVEN better.

Just as you would provide a free 1:1 personal training session to potential new clients in the gym, it’s the same online when selling online coaching, products or services.

This basic principle applies to most industries. For example:

Netflix offers 1 month free to try it out.

Amazon gives the first month free for Amazon Prime.

Apple gives 14 days to test their Macs.

You get the idea…

The main issue with most businesses online and offline is that they try to get the public to buy into something before they know its value. They are afraid to give out free content or products, which, is one reason why most businesses fail.

6) Stay active in social media

Social media as you should know, is taking over the world.

This creates a huge opportunity for businesses, both online and offline. Whether you are promoting, advertising, sharing or creating your own content, there’s always opportunity to obtain new clients, if you know how.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have enormous potential to grow your business and increase its exposure, as you’ll see from the other posts on this site.

Simply being active on a daily basis increases your overall chance of getting new clients, as long as your content is engaging and relevant, of course.

Social media also plays another important role; it provides what is known as ‘social proof’.

Basically, it provides authority and increases trust in your business and product/service. Just like amazon reviews, social media reviews, followers and likes/comments add proof that your business is reputable and well known.

On Amazon, do you buy the product with no reviews or lots of 1* and 2* reviews, or…

The product that has 2500 5* star reviews?

4) Constantly speak about your business

Speaking about your business is extremely underrated nowadays.

It’s easy to forget how connected one person can be.

For example, you speak to someone at a shopping centre or wherever; they can be your friends, family, colleagues or a complete stranger. You may be surprised how this method can help you obtain new clients over time.

Everyone wants to say “I know a guy…”.

Become that GUY for your niche and industry.

Simply Speaking and networking with 10-15 people a week can lead to the growth of your business and is especially important for brick and mortar businesses in one set location.

3) Ask for referrals

It shouldn’t be a shock that referrals are a good way to get new clients.

But, the issue for a lot of new businesses and trainers is that they don’t dare ask, or, don’t feel confident discussing referrals for current clients.

If you offer an amazing service, it’s true that referrals will come naturally. Years ago, I built my own very successful in-person training business PURELY on referrals. I didn’t really ever ask either; I just provided an outstanding level of service above and beyond the average trainers.

Although some referrals will come naturally (if the level of service is there) the majority of the time this may not cross a client’s mind, leaving a lot of potential referrals and clients lost.

So, how do you obtain new referrals? The first and most simple way is to discuss this with current clients by simply explaining to them that you are focusing on developing your business to a new level. Following this, ask them if they have any friends or family who would be interested then you could book in a free session.

You can also have a bonus scheme in place; for example, for every client they refer they get 3 to 5 FREE sessions themselves.

Or, for online coaching, for every new client they refer they get 1 month free.

This is a win-win for the client, as their friend will thank them for introducing them to your business, the client is helping you out AND the client gets free training and saves money.

2) Create an email list

Email lists are easy to create, affordable and extremely effective.

Creating an email list and then contacting them with my automated XXXXXXXXXXXX conversion email system allows you to connect with 100s of new prospects and in the long-run, add 10s if not 100s of clients.

This new email sequence then allows you to show new prospects some of your results, testimonials, more information and provide free content, which we discussed above.

Of course, it also allows for the odd sales-based email, or urgency email, to make them take action.

My email marketing system has helped me land 1000s of new clients and members, while generating thousands of dollars, all on automation.

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1) Renew previous or lost clients

Old clients may be one of the lowest hanging fruits when it comes to generating new revenue and customers.

At some point, they were highly interested in your services and then stopped, for whatever reason.

There are obviously multiple reasons, cost, level of service, logistics etc. However, if your business has since improved and perhaps fixed the issue that caused them to quit in the first place then they may happily come back.

In addition, their own circumstances may have changed, whether this be financial situation, time, logistics or need/desire for your services.

In some cases, a simple text, email, message or call can be all it takes! For all you know, they may be already thinking about re-engaging with you but just never get around to taking action.

This is another way email and social media marketing excels. In some cases, you don’t even need to make direct contact; instead, if you just provide amazing content and daily posts they may see this and make the first move.

If not, try to think back 12 months and list what you’ve improved in your business. Consider what pains or issues you can now resolve for the client that you couldn’t 12 months ago. What barriers and issues did they have before that they don’t now?

Politely get in contact, even if it’s just a courtesy call to see how they are doing and how they are progressing with their fitness goals.

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These general strategies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding new customers and building your business.

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