5 Reasons Your Business Needs YouTube Ads

YouTube ads

While Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly on the rise in the world of social media, YouTube has remained the world’s strongest visual force on the Internet, with 5 billion videos watched on the platform daily!

YouTube allows businesses the opportunity to provide information to consumers in more insightful and engaging ways.

For sports nutritionists and researchers like me, the power of video can help to educate an audience in a way that words cannot. Paid YouTube advertising, in particular, can be beneficial for your business in many ways.

Here are the main reasons why your business needs YouTube ads:

1. To Reach a Wider Audience

The main goal of advertising your business is to spread the word about your brand, your services, and your product.

Whether you’re hoping to educate, sell, promote change, or offer a service, getting the word out there is the first step.

There are over 30 million active users on YouTube daily, which means paying for YouTube advertising will greatly increase the audience that is actively viewing your brand’s message.

2. To Increase Targeting Capabilities

YouTube is an excellent option for business advertising, because it provides many targeting capabilities!

While your goal is to reach a large audience, homing in on the target audience specific to your company will translate into better conversion rates on a long-term scale. Some of the targeting capabilities YouTube offers include age, gender, location, viewing device (computer/tablet/phone), time of day, and interests.

Making your target audience as specific as possible is a strategic way to gain views, increase shares, and make the most of the money spent on your advertising.

3. To Increase Engagement

Videos are proven to be a more engaging form of advertising, because the combination of both visual and audio elements allows them to tell a story to viewers quickly and effectively.

Unlike words on a screen, videos can evoke emotion in a viewer without much effort. Your business has a greater chance of engaging consumers through video advertising because of the genuine connection a video can create.

4. For More Display Options

YouTube provides variability in their advertising, which allows for multiple display options you can choose from, based on what works best for your business.

While some businesses may prefer in-stream video ads, others may prefer the in-display format, which is a more traditional banner style ad next to the video or on the video. There is also an in-search display format, which displays the video ad at the top of the search results page when a keyword is entered.

Regardless of which option works best for your business, allowing multiple display options allows flexibility within your YouTube advertising strategy.

5. To Increase Shares and Conversions

One of the most important reasons your business needs to utilize YouTube advertising is because of the increase in shares and conversion rates you will begin to see. 78% of marketers said that videos gave them good ROI.

If you’re neglecting videos in your marketing, you could be missing out on a huge percentage of business potential.

In order to exponentially grow your business in the future, be sure to incorporate YouTube into your advertising strategy!

Other Forms of Social Advertising

Other common forms of social advertising campaigns include Instagram and Facebook ads. You’ll find millions of active users on these two platforms as well. Often times, YouTube videos are shared here, so it doesn’t hurt to advertise in multiple places.

I’ve managed to make millions with the sales funnel strategies I’ve implemented on Facebook alone!

If you want to learn more about Facebook advertising, you can check out my Facebook ad course here









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Rudy Mawer

Rudy Mawer

ROI Machines is founded by Rudy Mawer, an established international entrepreneur, and expert marketer who has successfully built multi-million dollar businesses. He presents around the world at conferences and events and is the CEO of 4 companies along with being a Forbes Agency Partner. He is well known as the worlds top Facebook advert experts within the health, fitness and weight loss industry and spends millions of dollars per year with Facebook ads across his own businesses and his agency, all providing a positive ROI.

Rudy was awarded an Extraordinary Individual visa by the US government for his specific skills in this niche and now consults for many of the world’s leading fitness organizations, celebrities, public figures, E-commerce stores, supplement companies and more. He has built and run many successful marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar fitness companies and, in many cases, provided a 10 times return for their investment or increased their total profit or income by up to 1000%.

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