4 Marketing Automation Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue

Marketing automation is an easy way for you to stay connected with your customers and keep relationships nurtured over time.

It can be hard to keep up with customers who have not made purchases for months on end. These relationships begin to fade as new customers take their place.

With simple marketing automation, you can keep these old relationships relevant and alive while continuing to build new ones!

Here are some simple marketing automation strategies that will help you increase sales revenue from both past and future clients simultaneously.

1. Follow-Up Emails

Sending follow-up emails after customers have purchased your product or service is a great way to reward your customer.

This is also an easy marketing automation strategy, because when a customer makes a purchase, they automatically get added to a purchaser email list.

You can send first-time buyers a survey to review their experience or give them coupons for further products and services. Any opportunity you can provide that may increase repeat business is a good one.

2. Suggested Products

Along with follow-up emails, another automated marketing strategy for consumers or email subscribers is to send emails with suggested products they may like based on what they have viewed or purchased in the past.

This type of email lets your customer know that you are considering their interests, and could potentially save them time shopping.

The goal of these suggested product emails is to catch the customer’s eye and trigger a sale or send them to your website where they can continue to browse and shop for more products.

3. Abandoned Cart Emails

The abandoned cart automated email is triggered when a shopper has added something to their cart and then leaves your website without purchasing. This is a great automated marketing strategy to use, because many people truly do leave a website without remembering that they put something into their shopping cart which they intended to buy.

This automated email will sit in their inbox as a reminder to go back to your website and reevaluate what it was that they wanted so badly in the first place.

This is something that, without automation, you as a brand owner on the web would not be able to do. Marketing automation allows you to pull these customers back in.

4. Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays

Birthday and anniversary automated emails are a courtesy that all customers love to get from stores where they have previously shopped.

Whether it is a small discount or freebie, these emails and direct mail coupons are successful in producing recurring sales. This is an easy marketing tactic that every business should utilize as a part of their automated strategy.

Beyond Email

Marketing automation can increase your sales revenue with very little effort.

If you put in the work to set it up on the front end, the results you will see on the back end will be worth it.

Other ways to beef up your marketing strategy include having a detailed sales funnel in place as well as a strong Facebook advertising campaign.

A sales funnel could be the key difference in your company making 6 or 7 figures this year! See my sales funnel strategy to discover how you can incorporate it into your business plan.

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